Alaska 101: Cerita pasal buat cupcake di Hari Bapa dan Pengalaman Gempa Bumi.

FOR ENGLISH VERSION, CLICK HERE Aku tak pernah celebrate Hari Bapa atau Father’s Day. Bukan sebab takut orang akan kata aku murtad ke apa, tapi sebab aku dibesarkan tanpa ayah. Selama berpuluh tahun aku hidup atas dunia ni, ini lah kali pertama aku pay attention pada Hari Bapa ni. Alah, bukan nya pi Tokong bakar […]

Alaska 101: Father’s Day Cupcakes and Experiencing Earth Quake in Alaska.

UNTUK VERSI BAHASA MELAYU, KLIK SINI I never celebrated Gather’s Day. Not because I worried that people think that I’m embracing other type of religion, it because I was raised without a father. So this is my very first time that I pay attention on Father’s Day. Chill, It’s not like I go to temple […]


This must be the MOST outdated New Year’s entry on the entire blogosphere. And most of you don’t care since this is not about Anugerah Juara Lagu 2012 (AJL 27) result’s post. Peplum dress by Dorothy Perkins Hey, If there is Belated birthday wishes, so Happy Belated New year also can. Well, you can’t blame […]

Food for the Lazy: Smoked Chicken with Pita Bread

Here’s for the lazy one. Too lazy to drive out for take away. Too lazy to call Dominos Pizza Delivery (urgh, can’t stand the delivery time). Plus it’s quick and kitchen mess free. Prep time – 5 minutes. Eating time (with your favorite drinks) – 10 minutes 🙂No specific hour. Hungry? Just do it.and uh, […]