It is not easy to be a Nature Lover.

Rupanya…. I thought by hugging the big trees, keeping a piece of candy wrapper in my handbag instead of throw it out of my car window and refraining myself from plucking the leaves/ flowers on the streets entitles me as NATURE LOVER. Plus, I’ve done camping in Alaska during summer adds up the “Nature Lover” […]

A Visit to The Lost City, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Now then I remember I haven’t finish my Cambodia post after I realize I am going to visit another UNESCO world heritage soon. Ppppfftt. Synonym the post title, I lost my memories about some important facts that I gained during my visit to this lost city. Ok, here we go. After my visit to Phnom […]

Camping experience in Alaska

Four words – I can’t believe myself!!. Camping is the least I want to do in my whole life. I hate the word CAMP. My friends knew me very well and they exclude me out of the program. No invitation needed. Mosquitoes, sleeping on the cold ground, stinky smell, ants, itch and snakes are among […]