Pengalaman Meniaga di Tapak Gerai Carboot Sale Shah Alam

Seperti korang tahu (tahu ke?) Aku menceburkan diri dalam bidang carboot sale sejak balik Malaya ni. Actually aku mulanya hanya join/ try member aku yang punya niat yang sama lah – nak clearkan baju lama sebab dah upgrade saiz badan. Carboot ni di Tesco Extra Shah Alam, berdekatan dengan MSU/ Aeon Big tu. Alaahhh seberang […]

I hate morning flight and thanks to this hotel : Tune Hotel Klia2

It has been a long time since my last visit to an airport. The last time was 4th May this year and it was KLIA. It means that I work myself to bore and it kills the fun side of me. Lucky that Mike appear on October so without wasting any minutes we book a […]

My Top 5 Survival Kit Essentials

My husband and I have known each other for almost three years now. We are still learning to understand each other and our situation is a little bit special.  We are able to combine the test against distance and cultural differences – all at the same time. Suddenly I decided to test him a little, […]

It is not easy to be a Nature Lover.

Rupanya…. I thought by hugging the big trees, keeping a piece of candy wrapper in my handbag instead of throw it out of my car window and refraining myself from plucking the leaves/ flowers on the streets entitles me as NATURE LOVER. Plus, I’ve done camping in Alaska during summer adds up the “Nature Lover” […]