My Experience with Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport, Doha.

Salam Tahun baru Masihi 2017. It’s the most depressing way entering new year for me so far. Had to cross the globe for 27 hours with my pregnant belly, separated from my husband again for 100th time and had to figure out 1001 things alone once I touch down Malaysia, again.  Great way to start […]

Aku Punya Suka (dot) com – Pinterest , Reddit , StumbleUpon all in one, Made in Malaysia

Aku nak war warkan akan kewujudan site baru di persada media sosial. Site ni masih baru dan masih dalam versi ‘BETA’ gitu. Pada sesiapa yang nak jadi pioneer user, test maket korang atau be apart of the testing user – boleh la sign up di Walau Pinterest, Reddit dan StumbleUpon dah wujud lama, tapi […]

Hotel Review : Hotel Fontan Reforma, Mexico City

FOR ENGLISH VERSION, CLICK HERE Baru aku perasan aku tertinggal bab review Hotel yang aku dan Mike stay masa pegi melawat Mexico City Januari yang lalu. Itupun sebab dapat email dari Tripadvisor update hits review aku di laman mereka. Memandangkan rakyat Malaysia sekarang sangat advance dalam bab mengembara, so aku pun nak lah sumbangkan sedikit […]

Hotel Review: Hotel Fontan Reforma, Mexico City

UNTUK VERSI BAHASA MELAYU, KLIK SINI I just realized that I havent’t done the review on the hotel that Mike and I stayed during our short visit to Mexico City last January. Then I got email reminder from Tripadvisor on my hits update. Since Malaysian nowadays are very independent in planning their trip and travel […]

Hotel Review: Svarga Resort, Lombok

Date of stay : 27 – 29 October 2014 I was totally hooked up with Svarga Resort just by looking at pictures’ gallery on its website. After reading some reviews, I decided to give it a try. Located along Sengigi Beach and quite far from the action in Mataram (around 20km away). It is suitable […]

Hotel Review : Aston Sunset Beach Resort Gili Trawangan

I realized that by now, I’ve been to countless hotels and resorts since my involvement in Tourism and Travel starting year 2007. Some were from work which is thorough hotel inspections, FAM Trips and group tour leading and the rest were from my personal trips to various cities and countries. I am thankful to get an […]