Suddenly China (Part 3) – A Slow walk until comfy shoes isn’t comfy anymore!

Here is the continuity to a long paused post – Guilin, China. Location of Guilin Prefecture (yellow) within Guangxi Autonomous Region of China Map drawn in november 2007 using various sources, mainly : Guangxi Autonomous Region administrative regions GIS data: 1:1M, County level, 1990 Guangxi Counties map from (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Actually I wanted […]

Suddenly China (Part 2)

What I do is travelling. Not vacationing. I’m not up to the stage of vacationing yet. and I HATE when people expect a good vacation when they’re tagging me. NO. With me, you don’t expect fancy limo pick up at the airport. Buffet American breakfast with awesome spread and limo will be picking you up […]

Suddenly China : Guangxi, Guilin.

Shame on me. For underestimate Guangxi province, situated on the Southern part of China. 1st – I thought it is so rural area, so I don’t think I much cash is needed. They prolly don’t have fancy shopping malls except, night market. I was expected to see mountains and river. So they must have just […]

Suddenly China

Finally luggage packed. Hair – washed and curled. Make up case – checked. Toiletries  bag – checked. Charger – checked. Ok! Im good to go. This isn’t in my plan this year at all. I was planning to visit East Asia in year 2013 – After I finish with Southeast Asia mapping. (after that West Asia, Central […]