Suddenly China (Part 2)

What I do is travelling. Not vacationing. I’m not up to the stage of vacationing yet. and I HATE when people expect a good vacation when they’re tagging me. NO. With me, you don’t expect fancy limo pick up at the airport. Buffet American breakfast […]

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Suddenly China : Guangxi, Guilin.

Shame on me. For underestimate Guangxi province, situated on the Southern part of China. 1st – I thought it is so rural area, so I don’t think I much cash is needed. They prolly don’t have fancy shopping malls except, night market. I was expected […]

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Suddenly China

Finally luggage packed. Hair – washed and curled. Make up case – checked. Toiletries  bag – checked. Charger – checked. Ok! Im good to go. This isn’t in my plan this year at all. I was planning to visit East Asia in year 2013 – After […]

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