Bandung 2012: You’re always a celebrity. Pt 1

For you attention whore, who likes to pose in front of the camera and wish that people will follow and beg for your response in every step you make, as soon as you set one of your foot on the ground – Bandung is for you.I know I was talking about my trip  to Bandung […]

Staying Alive.

and so story of Bali continues. *munching raya cookies while uploading moldy ass pictures*. Damn these cookies, it made me forgot what to write already. *keep stuffing*.5 minutes has passed, still blank, *keep munching*. Wtf. ok la, for ladies shopaholics, if u ever come to Bali, I begged you to visit Legian street, Kuta. The […]

Fallin’ for Bali

How easy to fall in love these days. And seriously they made love sounds like a crap. Easy, and valueless, cheaper than McValue meals. U need a couple of bucks to get your Mc Donalds’ big & tasty set, at least. But love, it is done with text and emails. Foolish. And as for me, […]