Taiwan – the post that has no end

  I know this is not going to be the 1st travel post that I am unable to finish it up although I got 3 months gap before I am packing for my next trip. There will be more. I just let every story of my experience & journey hanging with no end. NO, Im […]

Another Taiwan post on lazy weekend

Im drifting away from this blog and not really feels good about it. I managed to write somewhere else on daily basis to someone, but not in here. Too bad, I have more personal issues to write about compare to general one πŸ™‚ Blog is nothing like Facebook. It’s so easy to do ridiculous amount […]

Cold, wet Taipei – Day 1

Yep. I just came back from Taiwan with a flu. That’s the evidence how cold & wet Taiwan is. I never got the chance to see the sun light during the whole stay, except the last day I was transferred to the airport. Dang, Taiwan hate my presence! Speaking about hate & presence, I came […]