Thailand : Krabi

Let’s get done and over with this island post & pictures. Where were we? Ah, I think what’s still left is pictures taken from Islands tour around Krabi. One thing lah ya… If you intended to go to Krabi or Phuket, Island hopping is a must. if you can’t swim, just go soak your self […]

Thailand : To Krabi from the Phuket. 2013

IDK. I can’t think of appropriate post title from the 1st one. We decided to take minivan from Phuket Bus Terminal to Krabi. It costs THB 140 per person, for 3 hours ride, compared to boat ride which is THB1600 – 2000. But the view and the stops that the boat made along the way […]

Thailand : From Phuket to the Krabi : Warming Up 2013

Warning : This post has a lot of Ass shots. Every beginning needs a warm up. So do my year 2013. I choose island hopping around Phuket and Krabi, Thailand to warm up my beginning of new year as well as celebrating Mike’s 34th birthday. I recall back 2012 and I realized that I did […]

Guest Blogger: More from the sweaty American

Now, I’d like to touch a little more on my personal experience.  In the last year, outside the US, I have been to Malaysia, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Lao (it’s not Laos; miscommunication by an English reader of French writing), Vietnam, and Singapore.  I don’t think I should count Hong Kong or Taiwan seeing as I […]

Bangkok 2012 – What’s it Like to Travel Solo? Final

So, Im not alone after all!   Ignore the ‘beer’. He didn’t know that I don’t drink that and it is a common thing for a guy to say ‘go out for a beer’ rather than ‘let’s meet up for some English tea and scones with clotted cream‘. I thought he were joking about him […]

Bangkok 2012 – What’s it Like to Travel Solo? pt 3

Bangkok : Where Taxis are colorful. Put it all together =  is Rainbow on the streets! I never seen so many colors of taxis in my whole life, until Bangkok. They have all kind of colors, you just name it. It’s all new cars (Toyota Vios, mostly) and colorful. And it became so beautiful because they didn’t […]

Bangkok 2012 – What’s it like to travel solo ? pt 2

“Bangkok : where Parti PAS & BN are one. Heh.” Traveling alone gives you more time (and privacy) to observe things around you since you have no one to talk to. You tend to gain more on streets knowledge, too, because you need to ask A LOT. Yes I’ve googled, read and asked some information […]