Work and Travel part two – touristy spot in Ho Chi Minh City.

Despite the hectic responsibilities and arrangements I had to go through during my work and paid travel – there is perk side of it. Ye la kan.. hari tu cerita yang tak best je… now, yang turn best pula. Every bad news, comes the good news. Every sadness, comes with happiness later on. Black and […]

Guest Blogger: More from the sweaty American

Now, I’d like to touch a little more on my personal experience.  In the last year, outside the US, I have been to Malaysia, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Lao (it’s not Laos; miscommunication by an English reader of French writing), Vietnam, and Singapore.  I don’t think I should count Hong Kong or Taiwan seeing as I […]

Saigon : Awesome City of Free WIFI !!!

I wish I could spend more extra days in this city. I love Saigon Ho Chi Minh.. not because it made me feels like home, but it is better than my home city cuz it provides a FREE WIFI’s EVERYWHERE!!! I declared Ho Chi Minh city as an AWESOME WIFI CITY! It’s free, it’s fast […]

Dalat Vietnam : Travel 1000 miles away just to prove that I’m crazy.

..and entitled myself to be registered into a mental asylum. This is plain crazy and stupid. There is nothing jaw dropping sight over here and to me it just more or less like haunted house at cheap fun fair. Still in the middle of construction some more! That was so unfair! I did read the […]

Dalat Vietnam : Hella Trip.

I dont know what was the main force that made me die die wanna go to Vietnam, with the price of USD404 (MYR 1350) 6D/5N single head, all inclusive – Flight, hotels, transfer, food and ass pain, I should have chose Bali, Krabi, Cebu or someplace with hot sunny beach! I blamed it on some […]


Quickie update: Bumpy road – constipation then diarrhea, homesick, flight delayed – finally home sweet home. No matter how lousy need – to – pay – many – types – of – tax and empty promises by politicians, the feeling of coming home greets by “out of service” ATM’s at the airport, aroma of Nasi […]