Hotel Review : Hotel Fontan Reforma, Mexico City

FOR ENGLISH VERSION, CLICK HERE Baru aku perasan aku tertinggal bab review Hotel yang aku dan Mike stay masa pegi melawat Mexico City Januari yang lalu. Itupun sebab dapat email dari Tripadvisor update hits review aku di laman mereka. Memandangkan rakyat Malaysia sekarang sangat advance dalam bab mengembara, so aku pun nak lah sumbangkan sedikit […]

Hotel Review: Hotel Fontan Reforma, Mexico City

UNTUK VERSI BAHASA MELAYU, KLIK SINI I just realized that I havent’t done the review on the hotel that Mike and I stayed during our short visit to Mexico City last January. Then I got email reminder from Tripadvisor on my hits update. Since Malaysian nowadays are very independent in planning their trip and travel […]

Open Top Double Decker Bus Tour can be fun.

Call me jakun, but this was my very first time experiencing open top double decker bus city tour. I saw one when I first visited LA, but my husband, Mike, said it’s a no-no. However, after one week walking tour we made during our stay in Mexico City, finally Mike agreed to do this with […]

A Must Visit Place in Mexico City: Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Again, I came here for the historical part. There are 2 Basilica of Lady Guadalupe here in Mexico City. The Old/ Original one and the New/Modern one. The built of Old Basilica was started in 1531 and it took 200 years to complete and lead by various architect during its completion. This Old Basilica has […]

A Must Visit Place in Mexico City : Chapultepec.

Or not.  But if you are lucky enough, you might experience something magical, here in Chapultepec Park. I wasn’t amused by this Forest or Park. But then, It was in Mike’s must visit list. And what makes the visit was so bitter than sweet is, I had no idea and I agreed to walk to it […]

Been there done that : Teotihuacan Pyramids.

Continue from previous post, places we visit during our trip to Mexico City. How many of you went to Google search and typed “must visit places in ___” ? I always did. It sounded very touristy but, some places listed in a “must see list” is worth it. So does the Teotihuacan Pyramids. Before I […]

Mexico City: Been there, done that list

If you are a drinker, you must experience authentic tequila shot at authentic cantina with the locals. I’m not an alcohol drinker, but I still went there and learn a thing or two about tequila shot.  You don’t lick salt on your hand but sprinkle it on a slice of lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice […]