Ola Mexico!

Mexico, home of Tacos and Burritos! But let me tell you, Mexico food 99% has pork in it. So, sorry to say that, you won’t be getting any chances to try their street food although it smells damn good!   But, just like any other trip and visit, you can’t help it but to find […]

Going West.

Nasi lemak buah bidara..Sayang selasih, aku lurutkan. Tinggal keluarga..tinggal Malaysia. Kerana kasih, aku turutkan… Kata orang, kalau ada tahi lalat di telapak kaki, jauh merantau. (people says, if you have mole underneath your feet, you are destined to travel far.) Well, as for me, I always imagine to be at some strange places. I always […]