Fruit Story…~ No animal involves.

Yep. I mean it. Literally. Everybody and everywhere talking about “Go Green”, well… here you dont just go green, but go yellow, go red, go purple.. in a yummy but still doesnt affect the world at all kinda way. So long never eat outside, along […]

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Brazillian Taste~

Work call again. This time at ParkRoyal KL. Few selected agents were invited to their GM cocktail @ BossaNova cafe and we were invited. Thanks to Mr. Izuddin for his warm welcome and interesting tactical promo for the room rates~!! Well, that is not what […]

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Swiss Garden Kuantan ~ Day 2

It’s 14th Feb, We woke up feeling freshed and hungry. Dont believe? try look at these people so much… acting like Ribenna kids. Owh I know why… they were so happy because…here got… Waffles~!!! Goes well with Nescafe Tarik~!! So far most hotels only […]

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Away~Swiss Garden Kuantan.

Valentines is over now. Pheww. Kinda torturing for someone like me you know. Well well.. If this month flowers, chocolate, teddies and strawberries flavoured condom are sold out.. wait until next month, eerrmm same day around mid march .. hehe.. most of the pharmacies will […]

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Last day in KK

This gonna be damn boring post. Told you…Im draggin my finger to punch in and posting and attaching all the materials inside here. But one thing about blog ler.. when you passby your own blog, read back the old posts, and suddenly the feeling of […]

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Miss Crocodile Hunter…

Wahhh.. the title, very the gempak liao. Actually, 4th day of the KK FAM trip, I also joined the group to watch some monkey and fireflies along the Klias River, KK. Me? Fireflies? River? Monkey? Me, myself also not sure what I was doing that […]

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March 23, 2018

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