Banana over Mango….

(This post is dedicated to all mango lovers all around the world..)Im so banana over this yellow thingy fruit since forever already, until I discover the temple of its own.. at Bangsar Jalan Telawi, opposite fruity EON bank. “Mango Mania” that how it is called and it supplies me my weekly dosage>>>> Believe me, it […]

Fruit Story…~ No animal involves.

Yep. I mean it. Literally. Everybody and everywhere talking about “Go Green”, well… here you dont just go green, but go yellow, go red, go purple.. in a yummy but still doesnt affect the world at all kinda way. So long never eat outside, along the busy street, and 1 day me and my work […]

You see Petronas Twin Tower – even when you sleep.

t’s a work call again…a very last minute work call. In fact, he informed me 4 hours before. My boss forgot to update me on Mandarin Oriental invitation for dinner and room preview for M.O latest room category, I end up walked around the most prestigious hotel in KL, feeling ugly. The occassion – sneak […]

New Year Party @ KL Tower

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ It’s a new year Eve again? Gosh…so fast?? Hurm.. after rushing to the Thomas & Guys (well.. the hair do not so great tho..bleahs but they giving me discount card for next upcoming visit.. wah year 2008 so good ah?), spent chunk of my salary on gorgeous heels – which, i cant see it […]