Forgotten update.

I totally forgot about these photos. My eyes caught up at MELAKA folder when I was browsing through my album folders. Then I remember I only did half of the post about my visit to Melaka. Im so getting alzheimered  due too much rest! I […]

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Malacca Revisited.

Being to Malacca this time around was totally different. I’ve been there twice with 2 different bfs, (1st time was 7 years ago and the 2nd time was 5 years ago – and yes, they willing to drive for me for few hours, just to […]

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Weekend as Mama San…

Apparently this became my sub – work scope for month of July, every year, after my boss decided to diversify his inbound travel agency business, by getting Russian/CIS country’s students joining the summer camp program in Malaysia during the low season. ..and this is what […]

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