Weekend as Mama San…

Apparently this became my sub – work scope for month of July, every year, after my boss decided to diversify his inbound travel agency business, by getting Russian/CIS country’s students joining the summer camp program in Malaysia during the low season. ..and this is what […]

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Swiss Garden Kuantan ~ Day 2

It’s 14th Feb, We woke up feeling freshed and hungry. Dont believe? try look at these people la..eat so much… acting like Ribenna kids. Owh I know why… they were so happy because…here got… Waffles~!!! Goes well with Nescafe Tarik~!! So far most hotels only […]

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Away~Swiss Garden Kuantan.

Valentines is over now. Pheww. Kinda torturing for someone like me you know. Well well.. If this month flowers, chocolate, teddies and strawberries flavoured condom are sold out.. wait until next month, eerrmm same day around mid march .. hehe.. most of the pharmacies will […]

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