My first Pacific Coast Highway / California 1 Experience

UNTUK BAHASA MELAYU, KLIK SINI Whoop! Back to old lazy me. Good habit of frequent update blog like I did in February month is hard to keep. Lazy Gaga virus. Well, I was a bit busy and occupied with road trip USA costing for my “Kembara USA” program for friends and my blog readers who […]

Tempat Mesti Lawat di Los Angeles untuk Budget Traveler.

FOR ENGLISH, CLICK HERE. Jika datang ke Los Angeles, jangan lah buat kesilapan macam aku dulu, semata mata tour dia punya shopping mall, Premium Outlet dan Hollywood Boulevard. Itu menghabiskan duit saja. Ok lah, kalau nak bergambar dengan bintang bintang atas kaki lima tu sekejap. Tapi jangan sekali kali bergambar dengan menatang dalam kostum dekat […]

Sightseeing and Attraction in Los Angeles for Budget Traveler

UNTUK BAHASA, KLIK SINI If you come to Los Angeles, do not make the same mistake as me. When I first came to LA, I was busy touring their malls and Hollywood Boulevard. It’s a total waste of money and time. Well, it still okay for you to get pictures with the ‘Stars’ on Walk […]

Los Angeles Revisited part 2

Malaysia current heat / hot weather makes me miss cold places I have been before. I want to take back what I said before – I love being under the tropic weather 365 days a year. It’s been three and a half months since my visit to Alaska. Now I miss its weather. The weather […]

Los Angeles Revisited

February this year, after the wedding reception in Alaska, Mike and I had like 4 days left before we had to live separate for the last time starting March until September 2014. So we choose to spend it in LA. However, my LA revisited is not any grandeur than my first short visit. Mike hates […]

USA : Alone in Los Angeles.

I refuse to call this as my official trip to California. Because it was a layover between my flight from Anchorage to Taipei and it was short. In fact, I don’t truly feel the California vibe and I never felt like a tourist in my entire experience of going places until this. When you visit […]