Happy New Year 2015

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My last year’s recap isn’t grand like some other people. So as my New Year Celebration 🙁

So, it is true then, when people said about life after marriage is flat and boring. Yes, we have each other for ups and downs, but, other than that, is really flat and boring. Anyway, I am grateful enough with the single life I’ve had prior to 2014. I had enough party and fun, wear the skimpiest clothes that one girl could wore, hang out with gorgeous girlfriend that one wished to be seen among with, eat a lot of fancy foods and drinks with ridiculous price tag and had various admirers –  the young boys wanna be my boyfriend and the young girls wanna be me.

Nothing much happen in year 2014 that I can brag about except I tied a knot in January in 2014 and got some salary increment from my office. haha


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and flew to Alaska for wedding reception in February 2014

a quick stop in Guangzhou and LA for so called honeymoon trip.

baby, can u take me higher.. #guangzhou #instatravel #travellersdiary #travel #honeymonth #honeymoon #squareandroid

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suka la kan sgt.. tapak tangan robert downey jr fit je dgn tangan i. keke. #hollywood #squareandroid #celebcrush

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and the rest of the year just working

kerja raya sejak dua menjak ni. #worktrip #work #travel

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#work with bunch of k-pop

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Although I travelled in the middle of year 2014, it was for work too 🙁

and catting.

and oh! attending weddings and more weddings… (what an aunty duties)

congratulation shud! #wedding #weekends

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cantiknya pelamin orang kan… huhu. #wedding #asianwedding #weekends

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Cantik sangat pelamin orang. #weekends #blogger #instagram312 #engagement #likes #instalikes #latergram

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and then met the world champion 'guru'. #arabian #arabiannight #arabia #ladiesnight #bridalshower #weekends

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Then when it comes to my birthday month, celebrated it in a low key.

My birthday cake… no, I don’t have birthday cake this year. It was only a giant dessert called Bombe Alaska.

But in year 2014, I’ve got the most expensive birthday gift from my husband so far. And I promised this year, 2015, the value of my birthday gift won’t be any cheaper than 2014.

I learn to cook and cook excessively, like, so suddenly towards the end of 2014, and it almost looks like, showing off my skills something like that. NO. Actually, I was so happy that my experiment with food turn out to be… FOOD –  when I though it will straight go into a garbage bin. So, excuse my updates on facebook with home cook pictures because I seriously just started to enjoy kitchen area while most of you already did that from the age 20 and retiring from cooking by now?. I’m just a late bloomer. And I think better late than sorry? Anyway, my life is so boring. So all I can do is learn how to cook while all of you travelling around the world and achieve some awards.

learn how to cook 101

So.. that’s all for 2014. It was so boring, I went to bed 15 minutes before new year countdown and I haven’t wish my husband a Happy New Year yet, until now. Yep, I never thought I end up having a boring life like the most of you. Eh? LOL. Well, seriously. this post really sums up my life in a nutshell. literally. peanut shell.

I love this kind of post. It is so easy embedding moments from Instagram into wordpress blog. I write this post like 10 minutes. LOL. Boring.

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!


and oh! My husband started blog again. and I hope this time he is serious about it. Go to http://sleepybots.blogspot.com  so that you can read his boring posts.



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