Guide to Do San Francisco in ONE Day. Part 1


A day in San Francisco? How many places of interest you can cover in a day? Our budget became very limited after we did a series of city hopping. Starting from Seoul – Jeju – Busan – Los Angeles and now San Francisco. Another thing is that, Mike is a fast paced traveler. He can complete his tour in 10 minutes time. Or he just went through passed it all without need to stop for photograph or souvenir. Actually we had 3 days 2 nights trip to San Francisco. But we arrived there at the end of the day, so nothing much we can do except hotel checked in and sleep. We did full core tour on second day and we drove back to LA on third day. I know, roadtrip with Mike can be crazy sometimes. He can drove 612 kilometers (one way) in one day and return back on the same day. It kind of stressing me out sometimes.

So, how many places of interest you can cover if you have only ONE day in San Francisco? Read on.

1) Visit Alcatraz

We visited Alcatraz early in the morning. 9am tour to be exact. The tour takes about 2 hours 30 minutes. You can read my post on Alcatraz tour here.


2) Explore The Piers

We came back to Pier 33 after the Alcatraz Tour. Once done with Alcatraz, you can continue to explore another Pier(s). San Francisco has more than 45 piers and it seems like these Piers hold various touristy attractions just like Hollywood Boulevard, LA. But we did not comb through all piers. We did Pier 33 until 41.



What’s up with Pier? Well, you can find various restaurants, Aquarium, Tour booths, Souvenir shops and so on. But the most happening Pier I can say is Pier 39.







This is standard for Malay to do when they get to see Hard Rock Cafe. I am that Malay. We just had to pose in front of it. Until now my husband can’t understand why. And I don’t bother to explain to him why.



3) Take Cable Car Ride
Whoop! This is a must. When I mentioned Cable Car, it is not like the one in Genting Highland or Singapore which is hanging up in the sky. This one is on the road. This is one in my bucket list. I always wanted to ride the cable car since I saw it in various movies featuring San Francisco city. I also thought that cable car (or I called it a tram) is a touristy thing like the one in Melbourne. But actually it is one of the public transportation for the locals since 1873. It cost $7 per ride. One tip I should share with you is that, ALWAYS choose to sit outside instead of inside coach if you keen to photograph the city along the ride. I made a mistake by sitting inside covered coach so, it was sucks. And one more thing, if you have more than a day, you should consider to take various route so that you can enjoy the whole city.



These are all I can captured during my Cable Car Ride from inside coach.


4) Union Square
We took the cable car ride from Fisherman’s Wharf (next to Pier 39) to Union Square. Union Square is more like a luxury shopping mall area and 5 stars hotels. We did’t do the shopping or check into 5 star hotel. But we went into Macy for a toilet break. Haha.


Toilet in Macy. Not suitable for Malaysians because we tend to squat on toilet bowl, lazy to flush and wet the floor.

To be continued on the next post. Too many pictures to share. I think 60++ pictures altogether for this post.


San Francisco



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