Japan : Eat. Play. Love

Urgghh. my intention to blog directly from Japan failed miserably. I don’t know how some people able to do that. Apparently, I can’t. Walking all day in cold, wet, windy weather – back to the hotel all tired – and I don’t remember when and how I sleep, because the next thing I know, it’s 8 am in the morning and wake up tired.

Another summary. Before I forgot all the details.

We went to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka on day 3.

Just like day 1 and 2, Osaka is wet and cold. But it was the warmest 35 minutes journey in my life – from Umeda to Universal City. Because the train has heater underneath its seat.

Look at how comfortable the girlfriends are.

Come rain or shine, it never slowed down the spirits of theme park riders!

Look! I don’t need umbrella or plastic ponchos! 

It costs me 6200 Yen šŸ™

But get to hug warm Cookie Monster on cold windy, rainy day – Priceless.

Getting expensive bill for simple lunch on cold, windy rainy day is a bitch.

We took few rides and waste our time trying on hundreds of hats, hair band and few other ‘head’ accessories. More pictures on Japan: Eat. Play. Love part II.

Ok, here’s a sneak peek. LOL

Oh, did I tell you that the cold, windy rainy weather is actually early spring in Japan/Osaka?

I thought it was a plastic one, until I was resting on one of the street’s bench and touched it. It’s a real blue and pink daisies!

Eating Elmo’s Apple Waffle in cold early Spring in Osaka.

Stars in Universal Studios Japan.

We left Universal Studios Japan at 8pm and proceed to our next destination – Tokyo. We took a night ride and arrived Tokyo at 7.30 the next morning. We are doing the 02 of the most expensive city in Japan, within 10 days, 02 theme parks and various city train rides in between. Yes, we can’t afford Nozomi Bullet Train šŸ™

Glowing Hummer? Only on Japan streets

For those who is planning to tour Japan on budget, I strongly suggest you to take Willer Express. It has it’s own route to explore Japan from 3 days to 5 days plan. The bus seat is nothing like here. So, never worried about the comfort on your long trip journey.

Look at my models demonstrate how comfy it is. Make you a sleeping beauty, totally!

1st breakfast in Tokyo at a small Milk shop called Milk bar – serving hot milk and delicious waffles. And free wi-fied iPad.

Stayed at Asakusa, Tokyo. Had trouble in finding the hotel for the 1st one hour or so šŸ˜› But then I noticed that everything is far more easier in Tokyo compared to Osaka. Most Japanese can speak good English, everywhere in Tokyo. Train fare and food is fairly cheaper by 50 – 100 yen compared to Osaka too. The train route is easier to understand and things are much more simpler in Tokyo. 

The hotel that we stayed in is so kind to let us to check in early. As early as 9am. So we had few hours nap and continue with exploring Tokyo CBD.

The crooked tower point (due to last massive Tsunami hit) has been straighten up. There are still few showcase and event in remembering the catastrophe – donations collection in this building. In fact, there is a tv channel ‘rebuilding Japan’ on air like 24 hours in my hotel room. Anyways, it is nearly impossible for me to see the ruins or crack on Japan streets, everything all cleaned up as if the Tsunami has never happened at all. That is Japan.

Visit Zojoji temple.

I was lucky to be able to see an early bloom Sakura in Japan Land, at Zojoji Temple. It suppose to happen between March 28 – 5 April 2012

Some tea house at the back of Zojoji Temple.

and I get to meet the ‘locals’ šŸ˜€ . They were docile cats and let me to rub their belly without hesitation. It’s a street cats since there is no collars on. But the hair is so soft and clean, and they are quite fat to be considered as street cats!

Went up to Tokyo Tower to see Tokyo Sunset and the metropolis at night šŸ™‚

To Roppongi from Tokyo Tower – by foot!

Next Day – Tokyo Disney

Pink Ariel the Lil’ Mermaid pass for her and Green Goofy goofy pass for him

Hired by Monster Inc! Seeking screams and laughter is a serious matter!

Got cheated by super expensive entrance fee. This is not what I expected from the firework final show. Not in Disney Japan!

Not after you saw HongKong Disney!

Back to the hotel, grunting.

Last day in Tokyo.

Visit Sensoji Temple – Asakusa

Takeshita Dori – Shibuya

Electric City – Akihabara.

Time to sleep on the night ride again. Back to Osaka.

….to be continued.



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  1. Universal Studio and Disneyland..what a journey..and yes!!!i think the funkiest hummer i ever seen is in japan and its through Heartboxx..hhehehe


  2. Hehe… Funky kan… I was stunned. Dia siap tekan minyak kuat2 tu after he realized I took the picture.

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