Sigh. After I decided not to think or talk or see or bother towards commitment or true love, and for almost 1 year I happy with it, I am OK the way I am.. the new “whateverlah”me…and today I receive a call from “so-called- best-friend” […]

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Hurmm..what a such goodie opportunity ^^ right after my trip to Cherating, i am invited to Luna Bar 3rd Year Anniversary with the beachy “Hawaiian” Theme~!!…so put on the Glittering dress & accesories (err.. i know the theme was “Hawaiian” but i refuse to look […]

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Mind i Step into the Scene?

Yea.. i keep asking myself le.. do i?? do i have time for this?? Owh okie.. if when i was a “kiddy” i always have my pink “Little Mermaid” diary with me.. i wrote down everything what’s in my heart…and it meant to be so […]

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March 23, 2018

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