Australia: Great Ocean Drive – Rainbow Journey.

Fun, exciting full of sight seeing journey continues. This is the quickiest, simplest update with loads of pictures. Well,  A picture can tells you 1001 stories! Just imagine how many if there are 60 pics ? Just times it with 1001 le.   Im running out of time to pack my stuffs for my getaway […]

Australia: Melbourne – Chick and The City.

Oh how I can’t wait to watch Sex and The City:2, swear to the non sense, nothing but the non sense – according to some guys la. They hate SATC and blame the content, supposed to be responsible for the mishap, new cult to the urban ladies in the city. Jerk. Okay, enough with the […]

Australia : Melbourne trip was awesome!

A heartfelt trip, with the best companion – Nina and Harry. Roamed from south to the north, from city to the beaches, parks then strippers club. The best trip ever so far. Unforgettable. it made me weeps at home alone =( Millions of stories and pictures will be updated soon (let my shoulder aches gone […]