USA : Alone in Los Angeles.

I refuse to call this as my official trip to California. Because it was a layover between my flight from Anchorage to Taipei and it was short. In fact, I don’t truly feel the California vibe and I never felt like a tourist in my entire experience of going places until this. When you visit […]

USA: Alone in Seattle

It’s not that my boyfriend can’t make it this time. I am returning the favor of him travelling alone to Malaysia to see me 2 years ago. But my version is better because I already knew him well and about to meet his family. His version was scarier than mine where – he don’t know whether all about me as real as […]

Thailand : Krabi

Let’s get done and over with this island post & pictures. Where were we? Ah, I think what’s still left is pictures taken from Islands tour around Krabi. One thing lah ya… If you intended to go to Krabi or Phuket, Island hopping is a must. if you can’t swim, just go soak your self […]

Thailand : To Krabi from the Phuket. 2013

IDK. I can’t think of appropriate post title from the 1st one. We decided to take minivan from Phuket Bus Terminal to Krabi. It costs THB 140 per person, for 3 hours ride, compared to boat ride which is THB1600 – 2000. But the view and the stops that the boat made along the way […]

Thailand : From Phuket to the Krabi : Warming Up 2013

Warning : This post has a lot of Ass shots. Every beginning needs a warm up. So do my year 2013. I choose island hopping around Phuket and Krabi, Thailand to warm up my beginning of new year as well as celebrating Mike’s 34th birthday. I recall back 2012 and I realized that I did […]

Cambodia – Siem Reap

Had our decent breakfast before we leave Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Here is what I always do. When I visit a country, I always try to visit 2 cities or more at the same time. You don’t have time to fly in to one country twice if you have a target to visit ALL […]

Kingdom of Cambodia – A Phnom Penh’s taste

and here is the video of me experiencing Tuk Tuk ride in Cambodia. Made a quick stop at Phnom Penh’s Central Market before meeting The Royal Highness’…garden and bricks. Girls, behold. A dome shaped like building, resembling Angkorian stupa with 4 vast hallways branching out – a home of hundreds stalls offering what market supposed […]