Alaska in Pictures

“I think a person could spend their entire life taking pictures in Alaska!” That was what a friend then boyfriend replied me back in September 2010 when I commented on one of his profile picture with snow capped mountain on the background. Two years later, here I am – trying to get hold of beauty […]

Alaska: The Last Frontier.

….but it isn’t the last place that I will visit. My plan to cover every country in Asia continent before I do Europe, Africa and America (and Antartica?) has been interrupted with my visit to Alaska.So, my globe trotting plan has some changes after this.When I mentioned Alaska, everybody was like “oh! The Proposal! Sandra […]

USA : Alone in Los Angeles.

I refuse to call this as my official trip to California. Because it was a layover between my flight from Anchorage to Taipei and it was short. In fact, I don’t truly feel the California vibe and I never felt like a tourist in my entire experience of going places until this. When you visit […]

USA: Alone in Seattle

It’s not that my boyfriend can’t make it this time. I am returning the favor of him travelling alone to Malaysia to see me 2 years ago. But my version is better because I already knew him well and about to meet his family. His version was scarier than mine where – he don’t know whether all about me as real as […]