Belated New Year Post. I started my 2014 enjoying songs from Bee Gees and Boney M. 70’s song is a candy to my ear now. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still young though.

And that party pack left unused because to me new year celebration is NOT all about noise, music, drinks and dance like some of you think and you all went like “oh, I am a Muslim, I only celebrate Maal Hijrah“. But some of you are so happy with shaving your eyebrows, wearing colorful contact lens, asking for hefty sum of money for dowry so that you can do your wedding grand with the pelamin, and getting henna all over your hands and foot is so Sunnah lah. Fuck you.

Few days before new year, I brought Mike to see my fourth great grand niece. And so he manage to meet all the first, second and the third one too for the first time. For such a short visit, he had time to see them launched a homemade rocket made out of plastic bottle and listening to princess story book read by one of them. I noticed of how they love the “night fury” from “How to Train your Dragon” because they keep on mentioning it over and over again.

Few days after that visit, I received a text message from their mother telling me one of her kids drew something for Mike.

A man riding a night fury. This one drew by Aishah, 5 years old.

and notice that orange man? That is Mike. Mike is riding the Night Fury. Orange is because Mike is ginger. So Aishah precisely picked the color that match Mike. Hilarious.

Back at KL, we arrange a proper arrangement to welcome the New Year. Because last year was sucked and tiring, so try to make it more proper this year.

Actually it is more like a short year end vacation. I’ve been working so hard and always came home angry. Although I frequently travel out of the country, I didn’t consider it as a vacation because I was busy with the sightseeing and waiting at the airport is kind of pain in the ass. I always tired after I came back from traveling and my soul and mind is far from rejuvenated.

I just need to relax. Leave work out of my mind, do nothing at some space different than my small apartment, away from my bossy cats, soak in a big bathtub with rock salts and curl my hair. Because during my normal day I keep checking my emails until my sleep time and attending inquiries about travel package on my phone and Facebook like, forever. Be it Sunday or Public Holiday, I have to pick up calls even I am in some Hotspring jacuzzi with friends and get online for work. I still hook up with work emails and phone text even I was out of the country. And this is why I hardly write anything for this blog too.
*she works hard for the money*

I love fireworks. But traffic on new year eve is a triple bitch, bitchier than my daily routine. So we get ourselves a big ass suite in the city center with the possibility of fireworks view. We tried to get suites with KLCC Twin Tower view, so that we didn’t have to get out from the room during the countdown, just watch it from our room, but it was all taken by the time we checked in. Sad.

We get ourselves a hearty meal for two on New Year eve. It was so quiet because we busy galloping everything on the food counter and come to my surprise, I love dessert section for the first time in my entire life. Usually hotel desert buffet is suck. Too sweet or taste weird.

We went back to the room and Mike continue watching TV or maybe all on Facebook, so I had few hours to curl my hair and put on a nice dress. No rush and I even have time to take millions of selfie and continue drown in my own space (which is a dressing room with big ass sink counter and mirror mirror everywhere!!!)

Actually I don’t really call it a New Year celebration. But I am more like welcoming it. Every beginning of the year I get this feeling like, fresh and ready to take all the challenges, fully recharge and happy. I DON’T GET THIS FEELING FREQUENTLY so I really take my time enjoying this one night. I don’t know about you, but as time, days, weeks, months goes by, I start to feel sluggish, ugly and messy all at once, then it will explode on November, which is my birthday month where Mike has to deal with a crazy, beyond crazy lady until New Year eve. I pity him 🙁

It was so relaxing, I even wear my bathroom slippers at the lounge and enjoy my mocktail and the view of KL city center at night. This hotel has a lounge called SkyLounge situated at the 13th floor, with a glass balcony facing KLCC Petronas Twin Tower.

I don’t have to think about car park lot, traffic jam, selfish people who step on your shoes just because they have to go or to do something more important than the rest of everybody in this world, noisy horn blow by the kids and sweat.

Look like somebody is so ready for the countdown.

and pose for selfie.


12 midnight. So they lit up the sky. And no one write about this SkyLounge balcony has the back view of the firework field. wtf%$#@!!^^%*%$!!. So, we only manage to see like 1/4 of the firework.

I went back to the room and sleep 15 minutes after the firework end. What a vacation.

Well, whatever it is, this is going to be the last time of us welcoming New Year in Kuala Lumpur. Mike and I is planning to become a New Year Firework hunter and get our ass to those big cities all over the globe on every new year eve to come. Inshaallah.

As for New Resolution – I don’t have one. Because mine is never expired and it keeps on improving since the day I set it,  after I got my Bachelor Degree back in year 1999.

Selamat menempuh tahun 2014 everyone and do better.



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