A BAD Breakup.

We know that when we loves someone, something or someplace, we are tend to do anything that we could to preserve it. We willing to go through any kind of hurdles, glued back to cover up the crack, shoved all in the bitterness down to our throat, wiped dry our tears so that by the time we turn our face to the loved ones still looks gorgeously strong and tell them everything is fine… Im not sure what all of you may called it.. but to me.. it is deep soul sacrifice.

And in my case, I mistakenly fell in love with a place, a company, a small organization in a small square feet office, which is very green, very far away to be in a successful list, not to mention KLSE 1st board lists nor the 2nd. It was a baby and very humble from the beginning, it even has no proper label filing systems when I was first joined in.

I was offered to manage their financial accounting, performing solo on company full set f accounting with below the average pay. I took it because of the ‘maternal’ instinct in me, I want to grow this “baby”, with or without sufficient fund, because this baby has a good father, sisters, brothers and cousins around me. I felt contented in this small but safe environment and to me, ‘happiness and open heart’ are the most important key in whatever I do.

But as I mentioned, it was ‘a mistake’. Once the father of this baby a.k.a BOSS, identifies my love and devotion towards his baby he starting to trick me and overloaded me with all the possible job that 5 men supposed to do;

# 1 –  Full set of Accounting
# 2  – Reservations – from calling the hotels for the availability up to the payment as well as manage the contract by ALL hotels in several states : KL, Malacca, Penang, Langkawi, Terengganu/Pahang, Sabah/Sarawak.
# 3 – Administration – from managing the stationary and filing up to liaising with authority
# 4 – Human Resource – Issuing the salaries and recruiting, interviewing new staffs
# 5 – Cleaning lady – from buying the sugar up to make sure pantry area is neat (I was once issued a warning letter by him and it costs me a cut off of  RM500 out from my yearly bonus just because there was a dirty cup inside the sink)
# 6 – A Dispatch – drove my car all the way to bank, to secure the rooms for fucking stupid last minutes booking by those low, stupid mentality Uzbekistan and Khazakhstan peoples who doesn’t know how to find an electric kettle switch inside the room and doesn’t know what is the difference of LUNCH and DINNER. Nah, I dont worry about this statement will provoke the population of those 2 stupid countries, because they can’t even understand a word Im writing in here!  
#7 – Kindergarten teacher – handling the summer camp students activity and games in july/aug for full month – every year. 
# 8 – HIS OWN WORK – doing the PR and marketing with all Sales Manager, Assistant Directors and Directors of Sales from all hotels (because his head is getting way bigger than his cock head combined in 1000 – stating that he only wanted to meet General Managers and owners of the hotels ONLY) Manipulating and tricking hotelier to hosts us hundreds of FREE/COMPLIMENTARY rooms night for his Russian agents through out the year, while he still charging those agents for a payment. Not to mention all the complaint letters towards those famous hotel, straight to their GM’s inbox. yep.. he turned me into a fairy bitch too.

I did fight for my rights. And this trickster manage to sweet talk me with 1001 promises and hope. Hey!! What to do? I am a human and human tends to succumb towards words by the DEVIL okay?????

.until HE ASSIGNED THE JOB #9. No, not a blow job. If its a blow job, I would walk off too. Not because he is not my boyfriend, but because I cant deal with sharpei look alike cock. I like it unskinned. The #9 job really made me walk out from that place, like a walk off from a bad toilet with a broken flush handle plus water and tissues were not provided after a big wet shit.. How is that sound like?

and after 1 day, he sms-ed me :

Normi, people of your position are not supposed to quit like that. You are not a dispatch or a cleaning lady. You are a contracted employee and supposed to give 1 month notice. Your feelings and business have nothing in common. Job has not been done and I have warned you about it before high season. There is still an outstanding debt from clients amounting to RM713,516 majority of which you were supposed to trace. Winners don’t drop everything and run when they have difficulties, they challenge it! I practice our team as winning team and we are growing because of that. If you want to go, it is sad but you can, provided you give 1 month notice since you are a contracted staff!!

Oh, now he’s talking about the outstanding of RM713,516. How about millions I’ve manage to track? How about the total hundreds of free complimentary room nights stay I manage to get for the company, which  valued more than his own savings? How about the deals and the PR, I manage to mend the relationships  between hoteliers and our company because they hated him very much in the past???

He always visit his beloved agents back in his home country, so? Just bring the list and knock their door for the payments can? Or he have better proposal for me? like send me to Russia and asking for the payments? yea.. I admit, I knew few russian words like ZAIBAL, PIZDIETS, IBIS, DURRAKH, SUKHA, MUDAKH, PIDARAS, TRAKH and IDZINAHUIT, I dont think that is enough for me to use for payment collections, do I? I think my boss already confuse about what’s mine and what’s his job here. Maybe because Im doing his job for too long. I only update, whatever I see inside the bank statement, I update. Whatever uncollected, none of my business. Is not me who doing the sales with his travel agents back in Russia. It’s him and his communication manager. Since when I am responsible in collection? LOL.

So I replied him;

I was planning to give the company 5 months notice as well as providing a good replacement, closing company’s financial accounting when you come back from MITT in June. Asked Anna and Karen, they knew about good deeds Im about to give to EA before I leave. But the way you throw things at me, worst than what you able to do to a dispatch or a cleaning lady. You gave me the title and responsibility only to charge me when Im fell behind it, but not what I am able to and had already accomplished. I even stayed till midnight on that day you disgraced my devotion towards my job, tracing and listing the uncollected payments while Vova left the office right on time. But hell, suddenly the conscience in me telling me this Michael Mitryakov wouldnt even care and recognize my dedications towards his company. I love the job, I love my fellow officemates, I love the challenges, i love the hurdles in completing my task, I love the hoteliers – they are the reasons why I stayed, encourage me to keep going on, but I HATE YOU. My hatred towards you has diminishes all the loves that I had for the company and things I mentioned before. This has nothing to do with winner or loser, winning or losing. Because I’ve lost my freedom and my dignity once I stepped under your wing, learning  how to manipulate peoples and things just to have it all according to your ways. I didnt quit because I cant overcame the challenges, I didnt quit because  I cant traced the figures, I didnt quit because of workloads and responsibilites, i didnt quit because you holding my salary… IM QUITTING FROM YOU, MICHAEL.

I couldnt bring myself to split the whole picture. I love myself too much and I couldnt bear to see my gorgeous face and body split into pieces even though through the pictures.

..and finally I got back my wings, and refused to go back to that hell hole. Adios.





  1. mirwan

    January 29, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    kesian plk lelaki sebelah tu…ha2

  2. F I T

    January 29, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    ohh it’s a sad story..sorry to hear that..ya you suppose and deserve to have a good job after all. but it seems like you’re not in a right place at the right time.. I hope u’ll get a better job after this..errr can i say that your ex-boss is a daft prick hahaha cheer up akak..just rilex! 🙂

  3. Lissa

    January 29, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Ouch. I thought you loved your job. But memang -most- Russians will take advantage where they can. I learned it the hard way too. *hugs* Take care.

  4. Independent Queen

    January 29, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    @Mirwan : Kesian? Go to hell..
    @FIT : yep.. finding a good job that can make us happy it’s like finding a good soulmate who can lasts with us forever.. and it is hard.
    @Lissa :Oh? U worked with Russian before? dang.. U & me shld warn the world about them!!!

  5. Lizz

    January 29, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    Oh girl, so sorry to hear about that. I’m sure you’ll find something else to do… at a company that will treat you better!

  6. Jeemee Tan

    January 29, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Good stuff! really is. you shud do that long time ago.

  7. ariff

    February 14, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    La.. I missed this piece. Masa tu cuti.. was hibernating I guess.

    Well like I’ve been bitching around in my blog that life here is so fucked up. I guess u get the idea of how fucked up these people are right? They will fuck your brain good and proper.

    These fuckers really know how to manipulate people, how to use them at their disposal.

    You can ask everybody Malaysian student in my place and they will tell you the same story of their miserable life.

    Walking out is the best possible move u have.

    But on the bright side, now u have the experience to handle really hard situations like this. I’m sure now u can say that u can take any challenges ahead of you because u have experienced the hardest working environment one could possibly imagine.

    Sorry for the profanities but yeah, I truly understand you.

  8. Independent Queen

    February 14, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    @ariff: I usually never generalized people according of where they came from, races or education level. But for Russian, they are totally fuckers baik jantan or betina. Sepupu israel.

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