A Farm Visit.

“a kid brings his cat to school a teacher asks why, he bursts out crying and says dad said when the kids go to school he’s gonna eat that pussy”. Ok lame joke. But I did laugh at it. Dirty dad.

Today is Friday, dull or not, days seems passing by very fast. And it reminds me not to miss my anti oxidant serum and face lift’s cream routine. Can’t afford to miss it now. Gotta keep my jawlines visible if I decides to go single till 40, and need to look fab till Im 55, at least.

Working in a foreign company gave me an option to go casual on Friday. While typical malay ladies put on their Baju Kurung, I go for tight jeans and shirt, and sometimes showed up like Im all ready for work out session – hoodies, knee length terry pants complete with bon ton el disco’s skechers sneakers. Well, I don’t see it as sneakers, it looks more like sporty ankle boots to me.  I got request from my fellow officemates to put on Traditional Kebaya outfit. They said I have the bod to go with it. Fat ass, small waist, long leg. I took it as a compliment. I never thought as if they try to convert me into ordinary malay lady so that I can be well accepted into the existing crowd. Im happy to attain their request done but the thing is.. I don’t have any decent Kebaya other than the see through. Damn.

Gotta continue with the remaining piccies from my Melbourne trip (not again…) before I overload this page with my latest trip’s piccies. Please endure with it.

This time is about our trip to Philip Island, 140 km South East Melbourne. Feeling all kiddy since we are going to see farm and animals (blah) and I was humming ‘Ol’ Mc Donalds had a farm’ rhyme along the trip. Macam bangang.

DSC_0001 DSC_0005 DSC_0015 DSC_0014

 Travel with singles can be very unhealthy. You tend to start your day with junks. And I swear the only healthy thing we took for breakfast that day was that lemonade.

Cute sight in the middle of Brunswick’s streets

We passed by Toorak, and this is a normal sight among the others. Apparently Toorak is a fancy suburb for the riches. Like Beverly Hills or something like it. If u are thinking of migrating to Melbourne Australia, ladies, u should hang out here more

madi bday postcard


We stopped at gas station along the Toorak’s street and I saw a perfect background. I made this postcard for a friend, for his birthday. It so happened that he got the same red Skyline as in the background (well matched with my red booties). How thoughtful was that? haha..yea, it is very important to make people feel special, sometimes.


after 1 hour or so, here we are.


It was a very wrong day to visit Philip Island. It was cold and rainy and I was freezing and wet like cold fish!


What a poor meh meh. It was so wrong to see it without its thick wool during the cold weather. It wasn’t a cute sight at all! I preferred the fat booty looks. =(


Trust me, it wasn’t a mess at all compared to my bedroom!
The house was built by Samuell Amess, a building contractor who bought churchill island in year 1863. I don’t know whether he stayed in that house for real or it was just a display house all along. Too lazy to read the history & facts.

Amess dry kitchen

Amess masterbed


Amess store

Amess backyard




I think the working barn isn’t really working today.. due to rainy day.


So! here is where they keep all those fat ass sheeps! All ready to be sheared for the show. chey.


Oh, is that Clydesdale horse?


If yes, kindly read the facts about Clydesdale Horse uphere =) hehe. I don’t want to act like I read a lot of books & facts, rewrite my wide knowledge in my funky blog just to get “WOW-ed” by my readers. In fact, Im too lazy to read. Talk is more fun.

Proud Aussie cock


Apparently Mr Amess and family was a very savvy person. Before we Malaysian came up with hydroponics in the back of our kitchen window, they already practicing a home grown kitchen essential back in 1860-‘s le


But kindly enlighten me with some knowledge about cooking.. hmmm is there any recipe involve these white flowers as cooking ingredient?


So this is Amess kitchen garden complete with scarecrow lagik… burung gagak mana la nak makan herbs and ulam ni yeh…


This is when u try to take picture all by yourself. Set the timer, run and worry that the angle can’t fit the whole you inside the frame =(


Then we moved on to nobbies centre in Philip Island, with a hope to see cute wet seals and nobbies…


It turned out that I was the one who got soaking wet. It was freezing, windy rain atm


There was no entrance fee imposed to come here. and this is what u got. Free things are always out of reach. =(


Still not give up. Put 20 cents coins with the hope to see fur seals =(

So we stopped by at nobbies centre for about 30 minutes, get ourselves Philip Island T-shirt and continue to watch Penguin Parade. Too bad, camera isn’t allowed into the penguin area, but we had a decent penguin viewing spot from a skybox complete with gourmet appetizers and warm chocolate drinks.

This is how the sky box looks like. It wasn’t sky high at all. (Boo!) We were supplied with binoculars and starting to count those little ones with the ranger. At the beginning, yea I was screaming at how cute to see penguins walk and talk. But after 30 minutes, I felt like wanna squash, kill them. Idk, they bored me to death! Looking at how they try to remember which the exact way to their nest and sometimes they paused and discussing something, reminds me of those badass penguins named Skipper, Kowalski, Private & Rico in Madagascar, made me hate them even more.


Done with penguins parade, we fled to Italian restaurant, if we were late by 5 minutes, I believed that any of Australian (trip) post is no longer exist cuz I’d be dead by now, of extreme starvation. See the phone number. macam kat Subang Jaya je kan?








Why there is no description on those foods wey? Mak kata..tgh makan tak boleh bercakap.. lapar nk mampus, tak sempat nak ambik tau nama makanan. (Too hungry, don’t bother to know what we were eating)




  1. ken

    July 25, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    interesting to see how the farm is taken care of.. =)

  2. Fitrihadi.com

    July 26, 2010 at 8:16 am

    bila rasa nak menjelajah ke dunia yang lain, atau rasa nak ke heaven, i’ll come to this blog sbb banyak gambar yang superb.. huhuhu thanks for sharing those great photos

  3. Independent Queen

    July 28, 2010 at 2:31 pm

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  4. Independent Queen

    July 28, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    @nabil_potter : thanks =)
    @ken : it became a tourist attraction spot already. Have to pay to go in.. of course it’s well take care of. hehe
    @Fitrihadi.com: aww.. terlalu tingginya pujian tu Fitri.. pandai kau happykan akak..u are welcome =)

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