A Night in Macao..

No. Macao aren’t all about gambling. Although casinos and pawn shop are back to back and bald uncle and fat auntie carrying big fat black bag can be seen at almost every corner of the map.. maybe inside it contained full of gummy bears or egg tart?

Macao is very beautiful city, and famous with its old colonial buildings, ruins & squares . 1500 times better than what u saw in Malacca. But the trishaw here is 100 times more expensive than Malacca too. It was MOP200 for 30 minutes ride (RM100.)

Unfortunately we only had our chance to see Macao during the night, becuz the next morning, it was raining & we were unable to make a trip to some interesting spot. We missed to see the old churches, temples and beaches..

This pawn show just across the Grand Lisboa .. how convenient ya..and I can see loan shark just waiting at the entrance of the casinos with a friendly smile, a devil happy smile as they own your soul.

Ah, speaking about egg tart.. I had Macao infamous egg tart le. Foods in Macao are much more cheaper than HongKong. The people, the surroundings, the traffic, are just nice…until my friend told me that she wouldn’t mind if staying in Macao for living. The people here are quite warm and we bumped into one guy at the food stall keep repeating “Amoi cantik.. amoi cantikkk” like a parrot. I guess he only knew those 2 words le.

Cantik ke?

This portugese tart shop is located at Macau’s central Senado Square, We don’t know was this the infamous portugese tart in here.. but since we saw alot of people queued, so we just assumed this is the one la.

It is yummy… But, wait! wait until you try the Iranian Kebab… Fuhhh I tell you.. with extra onion.. this is the BEST Chicken Kebab I ever tasted. If 1 day I come back to visit Macao.. it is becuz of this Kebab.. seriously…

Sorry no close up picture of the Kebab.. cuz.. once my teeth sunk in it.. I just forgot the whole thing.. the camera, the money which left almost 0, the heavy luggage, KL…

Streets nearby Central Senado Square.

Since it is a Moon cake festival, so they have those lantern along the streets

Some alley…but I didn’t see any cat in Macao le.. that’s weird..

We wish that we have more energy left to walk around central Macao, but apparently we over did it in HK.. so.. felt sleepy by 10pm. We took a cab back to the Macao ferry terminal cuz The Venetian Resort have free shuttle service to pick us up to/from the ferry terminal every 10 minutes (very good!!!). But before that we stopped at one of the snack shop, to buy local snack to bring back to KL.

Don’t come to this shop guys.. u may choose other snack shop le.. the cashier/sales girl here was very rude la. The way she attended us like.. very grumpy+snobbish like, like she’s lacking of sex or maybe she not having it for a very long time.. eeeekkkk.

Standard camwhoring picture while waiting for my turn to shower back at our room.

So next morning, I faced the tart again, packed up and since it was raining, we mingled around at the Grand Canal Shoppes for a final souvenir purchases…

Ehhh no, this is not the picture of the souvenir we bought…

Final lunch at The Venetian Macao… we had it at Tamae-Sushi.. I am a miso soup lover & this is the best miso soup I ever had so far.. so rich and thick…cuz they put salmon in it!

Standard shot to remember (gambar kenang-kenangan gitu..)

We left Macao at 4pm, back to HongKong….

Yep, but if I come back to Macao again.. I will definitely wanna try to stay at Hard Rock Macao Hotel la pulak!





  1. David Jr

    October 15, 2009 at 11:09 am

    Hi here, I did not have the chance to see Macau in the night as it was a stop over for me but from your pics, I think I should visit Macau again šŸ™‚

    Malaysia Asia

  2. Independent Queen

    October 16, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    Hey David.. yea U shld.. skilled photographer like u..will make Macau even more fascinate to the readers!!!

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