A stranger made me cry

Have you ever met a stranger and that stranger stays as a stranger but somehow he made you cry? I do. I have Instagram account which is far from being popular. I have very little followers but somehow it still get few likes and comments from strangers all over the world.

And I remember my first visit to Alaska, Summer 2013 – my snapshots of Alaska flowers and landscape received 5 ‘likes’ in a row from a guy from New York. I checked his Instagram account, within 10 seconds, I fell in love with his collection of photos taken all over the world. Together with his short story captioned under every pictures, made me gone through all his 400 pictures that he has. His pictures somehow different than any other pictures that hashtagged under travel and nature. While others boasting their photography skills, filters and good life, his – simply telling genuine stories of a real traveler.

I long to be a citizen of the world, to live in different city, different country while making a living. Knowing him –  a gypsy at heart, his short story and places he has been inspired me to become one. He has a blog called anewyorkertravels.com which was humbly, beautifully written with loving heart makes me think I knew him in person.

He wrote Education is power. Education is freedom. Education is beautiful  in one of his post while I believe Education can save life, makes me admires him even more. I totally hooked up on his blog, loving every words he wrote, not to mention my wish that one day I can write like him. And everyday, I am looking forward to read his blog updates and see his picture updates on Instagram. 

But I got busy, busy with my wedding preparation early this year and than my trip back to Alaska for my wedding reception. I was so busy with my work and sorting things out before I move to Alaska and trying to follow his footsteps a little with my husband, Mike. Somehow, back in my head, I was wondering, why he hasn’t update any pictures on Instagram. Maybe he is busy or in the middle of the jungle and unable to get internet connection to blog. Until last night, I checked his Instagram account and saw a lot of comments written with RIP. My chest freeze for a seconds, I read all the comments until someone put a link to an article about missing man found in 2 bags. I burst into tears like I lost a dear friend.

He was missing early this year and last month, DNA test confirmed it is belong to Harry Devert. He was murdered in Southwestern Mexico while he was in his journey fulfilling his bucket list #3 – Go to the World Cup.

Yes, life is too short and I know Harry really make the most of it for the past 5 years (when he started to travel) – traveling widely, loving deeply, living fully, and roaming freely. But it make me sad because he is gone forever right after he started to tick off his bucket list.

All I carry is faith. I dream, I search, I love, I live.” – Harry Devert.

Yes you live a short life, but your beautiful dream, your search, your love and the way you see life will continue in me and every heart your touched through your story. Rest in peace, beautiful soul.

Harry Devert
Harry Devert – Courtesy of author’s blog



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