Ada apa dengan Lombok?

It’s the three Gilis – Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.

English: Gili Islands & Gunung Rinjiani, Lombo...
English: Gili Islands & Gunung Rinjiani, Lombok, Indonesia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The truth is, Mike and I can’t afford Maldives yet, so we tried Lombok. I was a foolish by thinking that Lombok is similar with Maldives, only the cheaper version. I was wrong. Dead wrong. But, I didn’t mean to say that Lombok is the worst choice.


When I said it’s a little version of Maldives, I am referring to its 3 little island situated northwest Lombok. The three Gilis. The image of bluish turquoise water set against white sand beach made me choose to come here for its island as my ‘early’ birthday getaway.


So, yes. the three Gilis is what Lombok have besides the Mount Rijani, monkeys and many waterfalls.


Arrival in Lombok


None of my friends or anyone that I know, been to Lombok. When I mentioned about Lombok, all they came up was the story of an elope between Malaysian lady and Lombok man. Well, I don’t know why the Lombok man has to get through hardship to wife Malaysian lady while their lady is pretty nice and their wedding dowry (wang hantaran) costs around 3 million to 5 million rupiah only. Perempuan Malaysia very demanding lah. Tak de RM 10k tak payah kau nak berangan nak kawin dengan depa ni.


The road facilities in Lombok is not bad although it is 10 years behind Bali in term of tourist destination. I can’t tell how much the taxi ride from Lombok Airport to the jetty, but we paid about 350,000 Indo rupiah per person for one way airport transfer to Teluk Nare and private speed boat to Gili Trawangan. Yes, we choose Gili Trawangan for 5 days stay out of 7 days trip to Lombok.


The obvious thing about Gili Trawangan and other gilis is –  it give you a heavenly background for kodak moment. It does appear luxurious as Maldives but, every beautiful thing has its own dark pro et contra. Or should I say, dangerously beautiful?


snacking at scallywag
Snacking at Scallywag



lunch in gili trawangan


 Ok. Back to the journey of scattered dream.


Lombok scenery


Miles after miles of coconut trees sightings along the road, suddenly the beauty of Lombok emerge as when you approaching the jetty area. At this point, I was squealing with excitement to see this view. I was like, OH MY GOD. We are 1 hour away from the island and yet, look how beautiful everything is! 

It took around 1 hour plus from Lombok airport to Teluk Nare. We did not go to the island through Bangsal Harbour because we are on private arrangement. I read that you can get public boat ride to the island from Bangsal harbour as cheap as 13,000 rupiah. But it will takes like 45 minutes to reach the island whereas the speedboat will only take around 10 – 15 minutes.

Teluk Nare
Teluk Nare Jetty

We decided to arrange everything private because it is for my birthday and I want to save the headache from haggling the transport fare.


Aston Speed Boat


We choose to stay at Aston Sunset Beach Resort and apparently, they have their own speedboat. I will write about Aston Sunset Beach resort on the next post though.


Speed boat to Gili


It was not really private. We have another two staffs with us on the boat. I don’t know, maybe they expect I come with 10 luggage or something.


Gili trawangan


Again, I was mesmerized as soon as I got into Gili Trawangan jetty. At that very moment, I was picturing myself floating in that water for the whole day, for the whole 5 days stay.


Gili trawangan jetty


Gili trawangan centre


And so, this is the busiest part of the island. The east part of this island is where all the restaurants – locals and westerns, bars, shops, spa, tour booth. dive/snorkeling operator and bed and breakfast located. We choose to stay on the west part which is quieter. Mike and I are no longer in our party age. In fact, I can get stress and mad to see teenager walking around in their tiny bikini with perky ass nowadays. Plus, I read a lot of reviews on how beautiful the sunset is on the west part of this island. 


cidomo ride


No motorized vehicle is allowed on this island. The only fancy mode of transportation on this island is a horse cart or cidomo. Seriously, I pity the horse. I wouldn’t ride the cidomo if it was not because of my heavy luggage 🙁
The hotel that we stayed is about 20 minutes Cidomo ride from the jetty. Actually it wasn’t that far. But the horse basically just do the fast walking instead of running due to the road and cart condition. I believed that horse can run like a wind but, if you see the cart that carry us passengers, will scatter into the wind along with the speed.


party in gili  trawangan


Gili Trawangan also known as ‘party island’ and more lively than the other two. But that is not what we came for. We just like to see crazy people in the party. You see, at my age, we are easily get entertained by observing people around without participate in whatever things they are into. I guess life at my age is more easier and simple. There is no need to prove yourself to others, no competition, air dirty good laundry, give more way to others or show your plan and possession. Except,  for knowledge purpose. OMG! I do sounds and live life like an old auntie indeed.


around gili trawangan


Although Gili Trawangan is the biggest island among the three, it is still small compare to the cities you live in. In fact, you can finish tour around the island by foot in 2 hours time! I saw many people walking with their luggage under the scorching sun to their accommodation. And you can guess what type of people who do that. It is Mike’s (my husband) type of people. I can’t say WHITE. That’s racist you know. I can guarantee that Mike would have walked to the hotel if he’s alone, without my pink luggage.


gili trawangan scenery


As we approaching the west part of Gili Trawangan, the scenery is becoming more calmer.


bicycle ride in gili trawangan


Bicycle and mountain bike is a common thing that hotel will provide for their residence in Gili Trawangan. It is free. and I loved it.


Mike riding bicycle


We circled the island on day two. I was starting to have a mixed feeling about this island on the day two as well. I love the idea of cycling and all. But the weather here is scorching hot and half of the island do not have paved road. Can you imagine try to cycle on beach sand, under the bright bright sun? The sun here is so bright from the moment it rises until it sets. It is scorching hot over here in every hour. 9am, 12am, 3pm, 5pm. No tree or shack shades can help.

gili trawangan scenery 1


gili trawangan scenery 2


Mike with pearl seller
Mike with pearl seller

Lombok and its island is famous with pearls. They have their own cultured pearls but they are not cheap. Sabah pearls are far cheaper than here. Or, maybe because I am with Mike, automatically the price I am getting is westerners price. FML. Not many people know about this. You see, you can lose some of Eastern/ Asian privileges by having a Westerner as your husband. Even in your own country. Even your neighbor try to squeeze money from you if you have westerners as your husband.


gili trawangan island center 2
Pekan Gili Trawangan

Although Gili Trawangan as known as party island, but it is not wild as island in Thailand. The locals are 100% muslim so the tourist still have to follow certain rules over here. No nudes and strippers. But, you can get ‘magic mushroom’ here 🙂


gili trawangan island center


cinema in gili trawangan


This island is so small yet it still have a little bit of everything including ghetto movie theater.


lunch in gili trawangan 3


The foods here are mostly halal. But to tell the truth, I unable to find a good food outside the hotel (well, the food by the hotel wasn’t that good either). And I noticed that, when they mentioned ‘western food’ on their menu – it means something like beef and chicken and fries (without rice) and yet, it was prepared in a very local way. Kiranya, apa apa tak berkenaan dengan nasik tu, western la. Hhmmm..


lunch in gili trawangan 1

Yep. The taste is as dry as its look. I can’t complain much. This is not a food hunting trip.

Mike having lunch at gili trawangan


gili trawangan cat


Gili Trawangan has a lots of cats! and most of them are orange. and have this look. A high Magic Mushroom af look.


gili trawangan lucky cat


They are not that aggressive towards your food too. They just chilling with you until you done with your meals. Cats always have the easiest life.


me riding bicycle in gili trawangan


scenery in gili trawangan


Mike chilling at the pool in Aston Sunset


We spent more time by the pool than the beach on this beautiful island, seriously. I know it is weird but that’s why I said, this island is dangerously beautiful and it makes you choose to stay by the pool and have mocktails and more mocktails. You must be wondering why.


virgin mojito in aston sunset


and I will let you wonder until the next post.









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