Alaska All White Pt. 2

Nature wonder in Alaska is so majestic and I just learned that not everyone can afford to experience it. I never failed to make everyone raised their eyebrow every single time (including the New Yorkers) whenever I mentioned Alaska and married to an Alaskan. Not America, not white guy, not westerner. Alaska has its own grandeur. Alaska does not need renaissance architecture, tallest tower or be fashion capital and yet still a National Geographic Channel’s favorite.
..but somehow, few of my girlfriends smirked at me being with Alaskan. To them, Alaska is ceruk kampung to the United States like Kampung Ulus to Malaysia. So my husband is a village boy to them and cosmopolitan stupid. Well, thank you bitches.
During full moon, Alaska glow at the utmost beautiful which my pictures don’t do justice. Snow covered hills and mountains illuminate brightens Alaska at night.
I used to see this view only on the cover of novel and posters. I took this shot when we were wandering around in the hope to see glimpse of northern lights which, Alaska still owe me one, until now 🙁
This taken during Rondy Fur Rendezvouz in Anchorage. Well, we were late (because I woke up so late) so we missed the dog sled race and parade. But it doesn’t mean the end of the day because I still can shop around. Good thing about shopping in Alaska is, here got no tax on goods. I really can feel the difference of $$ when I shop at the same shop in LA, for example, Sephora.
Alaska All White 52

And Hard Rock Cafe is soon to be opened in Anchorage too 🙂 barulah cosmopolitan. Ye tak?

I went to Hatcher Pass during summer. So I asked Mike to show me Hatcher Pass again during winter.
I knew Hatcher Pass when I was here during summer. But in winter, this place has change in color like, totally. I can’t believe how vast area can change its look until I unable to recognize the spots I’ve been to, last summer.
This is Susitna River. Frozen. Click Here to see Susitna River during summer.
Everything is so white and it hurts my eyes.
One point of time, I felt like watching a black and white TV.
There is some area, I got totally lost, where the land totally covered with thick snow, then white mountain as its background and continue with white skies. You unable to identify the horizon and direction. I felt I was in world with no dimension. It is kinda scary if I am alone.
Here is my short video in Hatcher Pass

Enough with the all white for now. I bet my pictures hurting your eyes right now.
to be continued.


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