Alaska in Pictures

“I think a person could spend their entire life taking pictures in Alaska!”

That was what a friend then boyfriend replied me back in September 2010 when I commented on one of his profile picture with snow capped mountain on the background. Two years later, here I am – trying to get hold of beauty of Alaska in 10 days, with my Nikon.

‘click pictures to experience Alaska’

At Susitna River or Little Su at 8PM!

However, my presence in Alaska is way too early or “late snow melt this year”. Although most of the area are green, but 45% of this great land still wet and brownish in color. Plus, cloudy sky due to the smokes from the wildfire and attempts to rain at the same time – leave me with low natural sunlight for my lens to capture. I –  an amateur cum crappy photographer find this situation is very hopeless.

Hatcher Pass, Alaska

I remember my trip to South Island, New Zealand during Spring season – it was green, white and blue masked all over the landscapes, adorned with colorful bushes and flowers. Mountains and Lake in South Island New Zealand is very similar to Alaska. So I can’t help it but comparing the two, back and forth through 5001 pictures I took during the visit.

Eklutna Lake

One day, I spoke to Mike about what I think of Alaska, from a view of a visitor, not a professional botanist or geologist. But then, I think I offended an Alaskan.

“I want you to see the whole year. Well, you want colors and you judge beauty by the colors. I don’t judge beauty that way. I have a different definition and no place will beat Alaska to me no matter of they find gardens on Mars. I know there are beautiful places everywhere else and other people might like them better. But, to me, Alaska is the best”

Well, my bad. I shouldn’t make a comparison between SUMMER in Alaska with SPRING in South Island New Zealand at the first place!

View along Alaska highway during summer

Mike became so emotional when he described Alaska to me. The way he talks about Alaska, is like, it the best place in a whole world. No matter how harsh cold winter and how much he hates it, still, Alaska is the best to him – Untouched landscapes, cold creeks and lakes, houses with vast yard, bears, moose and caribou on the streets. Low tax, Permanent Fund Dividend (Alaska oil taxes go into a permanent fund then the residents of Alaska receive as a dividend payout), and gambling is totally prohibited here, in Alaska. Surprisingly, where Muslim/Islam is an alien to this land, you won’t see Magnum, Sports Toto or Lottery booth in Alaska. If any of Alaskan won the lottery outside Alaska, the entitlement become void as soon as you are holding Alaskan I/D.

Wildflowers in Alaska
Mike showed me Alaska from the lowest ground to the highest point of view (Not really, the highest is Denali’s peak). With the mixture of touristy spot based on my requests and his own preferences as an Alaskan. Seems like fate favored me lately. Although I only have 10 days to see Alaska as much as I can, I have almost 20 hours everyday to do it and it feels like, I was in other space of time where day has never over until, my body tells me it’s time to go to sleep.

Alaska at 10 PM night
Alaska gave you the feel like everybody is having annual leave/ holiday just like you. Although Alaskan people is a working hard type especially during summer, but it is very hard for you to see people here wearing suit and tie except at the wedding (I guess)

I don’t see people here obsessed with luxury brand like Chanel or Prada. Well, you can wear it and feel like you are the most fashionable human being on earth but seriously, I don’t think they paying attention at the label or at you. But they have big house, big cars and sometime I saw that have snowmobile and RV parked on every house’s yard. So, I guess they can afford more than a label. Or, maybe we, are too stupid to spend so much money on little things made by leather which can’t drive us to nowhere 🙁 

As for now, Im out of sentimental sentences to describe Alaska. But I hope you can feel Alaska through my pictures. Enjoy the rest of the pictures. I will write more on Alaska!

Little Susitna Campground

Alaskan Rail track at Beluga point

Alyeska Tram. Going up to Alyeska Peak


In the pursue to meet Santa Claus at North Pole

Alaska Sky.

Alaska’s Midnight firework on 4th of July.

Well, I’m not complaining. By knowing I am the luckiest person on earth to be here, just like that.


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