Alaska: The Last Frontier.

….but it isn’t the last place that I will visit. My plan to cover every country in Asia continent before I do Europe, Africa and America (and Antartica?) has been interrupted with my visit to Alaska.So, my globe trotting plan has some changes after this.When I mentioned Alaska, everybody was like “oh! The Proposal! Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds! It’s very cold country!”

First, it’s a state, not a country. Second, Alaska isn’t covered with snow 365 days a year. It is almost Amazon over there during summer and Alaska also experience bad wildfire. In fact, when I first arrived Alaska, 1,400 acres of forest was burning at Skinny Dick’s road, Parks Highway and it caused me missed the Alaska Rail’s experience 🙁 

Third, no, my boyfriend didn’t do the proposal to me. But I met his family.

However despite of wildfire and summer, some time this place can look so tropic with the coldest air conditioning temperature set like breeze. In other words, it is still too cold for me although I still can see them wearing T-shirt and pants like it’s the warmest time of the year.

and swimming in the lake where its water isn’t warm at all.
When my boyfriend asked me whether I want to visit Alaska in the summer, I answered him with the bucket list:

1) I want to hug baby moose
2) I want to hug Alaskan baby bear
3) I want to catch Alaskan rabbit
4) I want to eat King Salmon
5) I want to eat Alaskan Crab
6) I want to go to Mount Denali
7) I want to see the ice cave with blue blue roof
8) I want to hug the biggest pumpkin
9) I want to lay down on wild flowers in Alaska
10) I want to see the stars & milky way on Alaska sky.

So, let see whether I able to get all 10 in 10 days time.

I know, when I look back at the list above, I laugh at myself because it is stupid.

Okay, let see:

Alaska and moose is like New Zealand and its sheep. Moose is like the 2nd largest resident in Alaska? I don’t know, but you can see it everywhere and sometimes it walks into the building, like a boss.


Everyone in Alaska must be at least talks about Moose at least once a day. How about that?

For the first few days, I didn’t see any moose. And it made my boyfriend wonder where all the moose go! I started to think he was exaggerate about the moose. Because all he talk about is moose here, moose there, baby moose, mama moose since the day 1 we really knew each other.  He talks about moose like a boy talks about his lifetime crush.

This was my 1st encounter with the star of Alaska – hanging dead.

Maybe there were moose around me that time. Maybe my boyfriend is one of them. In undercover mode.

After a few days of moosin’ around, finally!!

Saw it on our way to the camping site.

It is stupid for me to request to hug a baby moose because:
a) The momma moose will stomp you to death if you ever move closer to her and her baby.
b) Baby moose is ugly.
c) Baby moose and momma moose is stink by judging their appearance here. Euww. 

Yea right.

I got warned by the immigration officer as early as I arrived LA about the bears.

and my boyfriend said “good luck with that”
However, here are some of pictures I got with Alaskan bears

Ha! Even the fastest animals had a hard time with the rabbit. However I saw some wild rabbit around my boyfriend parent’s house in 2 second. Sorry. No photo. Or maybe what I just saw the rabbit’s shadow. They are fast!

Yea right. My boyfriend gave me empty promises on this one. He keep saying I will be eating freshest salmon in the world when I got in Alaska. All I got was smoked salmon strip in a packet from wall mart 🙁 Lucky I had some in Seattle’s Pike Market on my own.

My boyfriend were busy stuffing me with Taco Bell. I didn’t see real life Alaskan crab even I’m in Alaska. My boyfriend were too lazy busy working in between my stay in Alaska. He said “tell them  I am a real Alaskan Crab when I’m driving” 

However, I get the chance to experience Alaskan seafood on right after I reached Wasilla.

Mike’s family have this seafood feast gathering every year and this year is the 9th. They are really serious in preparing for the fun, they even have T-shirt printed out and set of flower garlands to go with it.

Mike has a big family, unlike mine. They do not need to invite the outsider for a party. Mr & Mrs Goodwin, Mike’s sisters (three of them), son in law, nieces with their boyfriend and husband and their kids. and oh! 3 dogs. There are few missing in that picture though.

It was my 2nd day in Wasilla, Alaska. Jet lagged still, manage to get few hours sleep until Mike keep waving the T-shirt and flower garland up to my face. I was still in Malaysia time. And it was like I’m having lobsters at 6 am (Malaysia time) in the morning?

So, it wasn’t bad at all, to get Alaskan Lobsters and prawn on my 2nd day here.

Although it is my first time meeting all of them, they immediately welcome me like it was my 100th visit. But I don’t know what to do except try not to act like a stranger. It is kinda hard for me to switch to this suddenly sunny bubbly merry summer in the air environment, for I am soloist, I’ve been living my life alone, and recently added two cats into my life.


It’s the highest mountain peak in United States and North America.

My boyfriend kept on reminding me not to call it like that. “Just Denali”. Because Denali already meant mountain something. He said I will get a weird attention from the Alaskan if I keep on saying Mount Denali. “Just Susitna” not Susitna River. Because ‘tna’ is already a river. And he kept on blabbering on the grammar of the Alaskan Native, the Aleutna or the Eskimos language. I noticed my boyfriend has a thing towards grammar of all the languages in the world. He can talk about the history of English, French and Spanish all day long. That’s how romantic he is. My boyfriend tried to make me appear as Alaskan as possible in this short visit too. I mean seriously? People can tell that I’m not Alaskan even I am not making any sound. I have yellow skin with red hair and blue eyes. I wore blusher to cold storage and wear big sun glass around camping ground. That’s spell “Asian wanna be Martian” all over me already!

Well, we stopped by at Denali town on our way to the Santa’s House in the Northpole (Girdwood). But we didn’t make it to Denali and my dream to take a picture of Wonder Lake just perished 🙁

Mike brought me to a few lookout point so that I can see Denali. Too bad it was cloudy and I still couldn’t see it. 

He brought me to Mile 135 of Parks Highway so that I can see the South View of Denali. So, seriously, I was looking at the rows of mountains from that lookout point. But I still can’t tell which one is Denali south butt 🙁

I read on the map guide, it stated that you can see Denali from Ted Steven’s Anchorage Airport – 

So I did took a picture once I landed at that airport on my day 1 in Alaska.

Is that you Denali? and this picture was taken at 11.00PM. What an extraordinary experience I’ve had. I got to see all the things I never thought I would ever see in my life – on my first visit to USA. 

State of Alaska is so big, it is 5 times bigger than Malaysia. I had 8 days in Alaska, with 2 days was for camping in the wood, another 2 days I spent in Fred Mayer’s and Wallmart, Mike had to go to work in between my stay.. and yet he still managed to drove me around South Central (Anchorage), Mat-Su (Palmer, Talkeetna, Wasilla), Interior (Denali National Park, Fairbanks, Nenana,) and Kenai Peninsula (Girdwood).  – but we didn’t have time to explore Kenai Peninsula like Whittier to the Valdez –  where the glacier and fjord and the Ice cave with the blue blue roof at. 

The one in ‘The Proposal’ is Sitka.

I guess I need to make another few more trip to Alaska then…

I was too early for Alaska State Fair. It is held between August and September and I don’t care about concert and carousel ride. But all I wanted to see is the Giant crop competition! Where their cabbage is bigger than your mother and the pumpkin is bigger than your car! No! it’s not the chemical effect. Bukan macam ayam suntik. The crops get bigger than usual because Alaska receive almost 20 hours sunlight, everyday during summer. I can imagine myself as Alice in Wonderland (the after eating the cake that shrink her to tiny Alice) if I come face to face with those giants.

Plus, I get a 1st place in the State Fair crop competition in Farmville 2 for most of the time. My crop always the biggest and the heaviest! So, I wanted to see all these, the things that I played every night on Facebook became a reality! I want to hug the biggest pumpkin! 

Well, maybe next time 🙁 


This one is too easy. It was all over the places – dandelion, fireweed, daisies…Alaska is a vast land, experience warm weather only for a while, so God planted all these flowers and make this great land so beautiful. Alaska do not need a landscape designer or majlis daerah to take care of their road and parks. The nature just agree with them at certain period of time.

Opps! wrong request. This only available from December on wards where Alaska at its darkest with only 5.5 hours daylight per day. 

This picture was taken in Alaska at midnight. 
A midnight summer.

This is only the introduction of my experience in Alaska.

and I have more to tell.




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