Another Taiwan post on lazy weekend

Im drifting away from this blog and not really feels good about it. I managed to write somewhere else on daily basis to someone, but not in here. Too bad, I have more personal issues to write about compare to general one 🙂 Blog is nothing like Facebook. It’s so easy to do ridiculous amount of update on Facebook. 1  album with full of edited pictures can tell thousand stories, single line of update already enough to tell people what’s your day gonna be or has been and a paste of Youtube’s link on any particular song tells people that your heart is singing.

So here I am, on lazy weekend and I swear, I manage to get on here because I really didn’t do anything today. No laundry, no floor sweeping, no shower (!!!!!). Just like Bruno Mars’s “The Lazy Song” but minus the line “Turn on the TV and throw my hand in my pants”.

Last week I went back to my hometown to meet the cutest thing in the family.

syabil lokman

Meet my grand nephew, Syabil Lokman, 8 months old. He is huge, he is chubby, he is a new generation of cam whore item. And thank you for the sore on my both arms and back pain. You are forgiven.

My grand nephew is cuter than yours 7

Yeap. My grand nephew is cuter than yours.

 My grand nephew is cuter than yours 19

and another non related update to the title of the post, I feel the need to put up this picture taken yesterday during my office’s makan-makan. This picture made me looks like 6 feet tall and I loves it.

QSMY Friday 068

Back to Taiwan trip update. Damn, I totally forgot which is what already. I dont really remember which was the exact place we went and what day. Terrible! Oh ok.. after looking back at albums uploaded on Facebook, now I remember~! We left Taoyuan and headed to Nantou to visit Sun Moon Lake, then Visit WenWu Temple, Peacock Garden and the most awesome and the largest night market in Taiwan : Feng Chia Night Market. And I remember the greatest part of the whole trip is this.. night market. I can stay in that night market forever!

So, this is basically the route we took on our 2nd day trip;


We crossed 5 districts in 1 day! Not bad!! First time visit Taiwan and I visited (or passed by) few districts can be considered awesome compared to those who stay for few days in Taipei alone and do nothing but eating stinky, smelly Tofu! You and your trip, stink big time! Haha! What is so good about stinky tofu anyway? I think I can do it at home, here in my apartment. Just take the tofu, marinate it inside my toilet bowl with my stool for couple of days, and walla~! It’s ready for you to enjoy.

taiwan-2nd day

Day 2: Morning. We woke up kinda late and no appetite for breakfast. Not with lousy plain rice porridge. Eeeuuww. I rather eat that garlic bread I bought the night before. And again, it was a rainy day.

Taiwan! 135 

..and lucky me I had a box full of favorite types of cookies that I bought from Milk Houses.

Taiwan! 38

So we passed by mountains and forests..and mountains again… The journey took around 3 hours so I fell asleep few times due to the boredom. I forgot to bring my iPod and the only latest song I have inside my mobile is;

Taiwan! 118


We made a few stop for public toilet and some shop which were listed inside our tour itinerary (boring!!!!) and finally arrived at Nantou by afternoon.

Taiwan! 43

and had my vegetarian lunch.

 Taiwan! 46

Taiwan! 48

Yuck! I can never be a vegetarian! This is weird.. I can eat raw veggies or even grass. But not this. Hhmmmm..

Taiwan! 49

I tell you, that plain white rice taste even better 🙁 *grunts*

Taiwan! 44

That is expensive banana. Even my hair band which I got at Ximen Ting is cheaper than that.. well.. touristy spot..

Taiwan! 50

Spot anything cute?

Taiwan! 51

Finally we at the pier and ready for our Sun Moon Lake tour.

Sun Moon Lake, situated in Nantou County’s Yuchih Township, in the center of Taiwan, and is the island’s largest lake. The eastern part of the lake is round like the sun and the western side is shaped like a crescent moon, hence the name “Sun Moon Lake”.

Taiwan! 54

I dont understand a word. It seems like we only went to the moon part.

Taiwan! 56

The Pier.

Taiwan! 57

It was so foggy (again) and I couldnt capture the beauty of the lake. It suppose to look like this if you come during autumn;


**Picture courtesy of

Taiwan! 62

Too frustrated with the rainy, foggy day, so I decided to camwhore along the way. It’s the only thing that my camera able to capture. My face.

Taiwan! 63

We arrived at the small island and climb up to see Syuenguang and Syuentzang Temples. The pathway to the temple is so beautiful.. I swear I took hundreds of photos of it. Here are some of them;

Taiwan! 76

Taiwan! 69

Taiwan! 73

Taiwan! 71

Taiwan! 85

It is a small and the most beautiful temple I ever been to. It feels like Im above the clouds just like the old ancient Chinese Goddess story.

Syuenguang and Syuentzang Temples worship (enshrine) the relics of the great monk Syuan-zang. He was born in Tang Dynasty about 1600 years ago. His great achievement was that he went to India to study Buddhism and brought back a lot of books about Buddhism. Moreover, he translated those books written in Sanskrit (梵文) to Chinese language. He indeed made a great contribution to the development of Buddhism in China and other Asian countries. (Source)

Taiwan! 77

View from the temple. Just imagine if it’s without the fog..

Taiwan! 84

Taiwan! 83

Taiwan! 79

Wishes and prayers..

Taiwan! 81

Taiwan! 78

Oh I wish that the sign to heaven as this easy. “Heaven, this way miss”

Taiwan! 98

In Taiwan, cute dog go to temple too! God Bless cute animals.

Taiwan! 89

You can straight go for hiking after the prayer. If you fall down and die during the hiking, you die as a holy man.

Taiwan! 93

Landscape behind the temple.

Taiwan! 96

Wait a minute! How on earth those cars could get until this point? *scratch my head* Im not above the clouds like old ancient Chinese Goddess story after all! Urrgghh. *dream crashed down*

Im too frustrated with the fact that those cars manage to come up to this hill! Why not our tour guide drove us up here with the van then!!!! Why I must pay for that ferry ticket???? Cheater!

This post end abruptly here. I hate this trip. Continue some other time with Wenwu Temple, Peacock garden and night market.





  1. Mario

    June 18, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    Hi, I came across your blog and wanted to leave you a comment. I love it. What a great journal of your trip. And your pics are so good. Your grand nephew is cute. I like the one on the pier (from ground level. Very cool. I felt like I was there with you. Great job. I am from California and I write a blog on food, love, recipes and relationships. We recently got back from Italy where I wrote a series of posts. Please visit when you get a chance. maybe Follow. that would be cool, too.

  2. Independent Queen

    June 19, 2011 at 12:36 am

    Hello Mario from California~! Thank you for your compliments. And your blog sounds like a Complete Guide to Great Life~!

  3. Thristhan

    July 1, 2011 at 9:43 am

    Great photographys. That’s a weird color for a banana

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