Australia : Awesome Autumn in Melbourne.

Bila nak habis da…
This time Im posting a slightly huge ass photo so that you could ‘almost’ feel like you were there. Can? Theehee..

I summing up all photos on my 5th day trip cuz Im getting the feeling that my post about Melbourne and its picture is getting moldy.

And even they are moldy, the memories stay as if just happened to me yesterday. Still remember the smell of fat roses along Brunswick streets, easy crisp autumn breeze (even fresher than aircond room here in Malaysia) and the taste of creamy chai latte which can never be found anywhere …



Blooming roses were everywhere, in Harry’s neighbor fences. I just pulled them bent to me and smell them as much as I wanted.



Passes by graffiti walls at Brusnwick st.



I don’t know what is the story behind this art



My 1st experience taking train to the central! He hu.



Alaaa.. dalam komuter, LRT.. tak le sibuk nak bergambar kan.





You will passes by many popular landmarks sight from north to central Melbourne like Etihad Stadium  Eureka Tower and Crown Casinos.


People looking at me while I took this picture. They must be like “ damn.. another tourist who took picture of everything including lamp post.”



my homesick started to kicking in on my 5th day in Melbourne. I kept whining to Harry that it will be nice if I can eat rice, malaysian curry or nasi lemak..



Wish granted!  – HAPPY OR NOT???



When it comes to local foods, yep, Im very, merry picky. But at this moment, I think that was the best chicken curry in the whole world!



and this is Harry’s.. rendang beef with Singha beer for lunch? Yuck!



and Miss Nina’s Ginger Chicken with Bak choy. She’s so hungry (and missed the rice too much) till she skipped the food photograph session.



Can u smell this spanking new cute red boots?

The weather gets chilly and windy, so I bought this pair of Paul Frank’s red boots. No! I didn’t intended to get people’s attention with this candy bright color oke? It’s for Harry & Miss Nina to spot a mile away me in case I lost them! Thee hee..

Initially I wanted to get myself a UGG boots. Too bad those which available in Melbourne were designed for winter season – thick & bulky. They do not have the cardigan (crochet) type like in USA. And Harry keep on reminding me from time to time..even 1 month before the trip –  that he don’t want to be near me if I wear UGG boots! I said to him that Megan Fox, Sienna Miller were seen wearing UGG boots, what’s wrong with that? “It is so hillybilly! don’t copy those stupid American, to us UGG boots is the UGGliest piece”

WTF? – UGG boots company, please sue Harry for such statement can?



Tummy full, ‘foodhomesick’ healed, comfy new red boots, so I am ready to comb every streets in Central Melbourne.



…ah, another cute graffiti. I was told that graffiti is illegal in Melbourne, but I almost believe that, it was  permitted to make one of the main attraction in the city! Cuz it were everywhere!  and easy on the eyes.



I hardly see car smokes in here as if I can walk without my contact lens on because everything is very clear to my sight. And you can see people cycling in town for leisure & to work. If in KL, confirm mati kena langgar on the spot dekat traffic light. Tak pun, mati due to suffocation of car’s smoke. Anyway, 1 thing I’ve notice.. people still look stylish and very urban cycling in the middle of the city in Melbourne or London.. but not to Asian country ya? Why??



See? This is what I got from my Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) visit. Looks very laoya right? Was it because they do the ‘threesome’ cycling ey?



Some church along Swanston street. I don’t remember the name of it..



State Library Victoria. Look at very healthy loafing activity in front of the building. If u take a closer look, they are really reading some books and doing a group discussion. Healthy environment. No wonder thousand of Asians migrate to this city to raise and school their kids.



Cute wrought iron bench along the street



Edgy statue. Kalau raksaksa lalu ni kan.. berdarah kaki dia tersandung ni.



Royal Melbourne Institute Technology University (RMIT) in the center of Melbourne. Look at the unique facelift of  the building which reflects its reputation in art and aeronautical engineering.



According to the QS world university ranking, RMIT university is ranked at number 10 among 100 university in Australia, offering 700 programs ranging from boring, dry courses as Accounting to out of this world, Aerospace.



Every block’s design is different from another, maybe it was designed according to its three academically contextual colleges – “Business” , “Design and Social Context” and “Science, Engineering and Health”



oh, if u looking for HardRock in Melbourne, be ready with your carabiners and harness – because it’s not a Bistro pub, but a rock climbing club. Haha.. what a healthy city.



Lucky that Im in a very comfortable boots. I suggest that whoever come to Melbourne do get yourself a comfortable pair of shoes because u will do a lot of walkings and sightseeing. Your gorgeous branded stiletto won’t serve its function very well here unless you come here to eat food, shop your 2nd hand branded handbags and fly home.

I mean, get yourself a calculator girl, no matter how cheap those branded stuff outside Malaysia, but by taking your flight ticket, accommodation cost, luggage charge and time into a consideration, the price will be the same as you get in Pavillion or KLCC doorstep. If those latest designs are unavailable in our country – online shopping la.

You are not a descendant of Lim Goh Tong or Prime Minister’s wife, go abroad just to do shopping spree. If u love to do that so much, go apply a job as a purchaser lo. *vomit*



Melbourne City Baths – where you can find gymnasium, personal trainer, swimming pool and lessons, Spa & Sauna, Massage, Fitness class, Tennis & football court in one place.



Taking picture of my boots while waiting for Miss Nina photo shooting session with Harry.



Harry showing the specimen of car park saman.



Very victorian police station entrance.



Strolling around behind State Library of Victoria.







Argghh.. too many places, so little time. Autumn in Melbourne made day shorter than night. It starting to get dark at 5.30pm =(

Lookie! Tram Restaurant behind! Been there, done that!



We skipped China Town for today, and we went there the next day after our winery tours in Yarra Valley



The First Federal Parliament building. So boring.



ahh. this is much better with the sight of my red boots in it. haha.





Cute doggie crossing the street.



“Two things stand like stone: kindness in another’s trouble, Courage in your own” ~ Adam Lindsay Gordon. Well, Im not into history, so if u want to know who the heck is Adam Lindsay Gordon is, read  it HERE.



Adam Lindsay close shot.



Victoria – where carriage meets yellow cab. You can find fine 5 stars hotel called Windsor here. All buildings architecture situated along this spring street (East Melbourne) were similar –  very victorian, from parliament house to treasury building to hotel as well as its shop lots.



The day is getting darker, and we finally set our foot into The Treasury Garden, located in front of old treasury  buildings.


Nina & Harry playing hide and seek.



Old Treasury building? it looks very new to me.



My other favorite pose  – “A Tree Hugger” of showing how much I love and appreciate vegetation. Harry says : “WWF will not take u as their ambassador just by looking at your tree hugging picture girl.

oh, what the hell…



I only managed to take this picture few minutes before the sun lights were totally off. I wish I reach there sooner like at 3pm.. so that I can capture more gorgeous colorful picture of this garden.






Then we continue our night walks to Fitzroy Garden. It is much more beautiful than Treasury Garden but, too bad I can’t show you how beautiful it is…



Captain Cook’s cottage. I didn’t bring my tripod.. so this is the result of my night shot without flashes. I’ve noticed that the door and window frames of this cottage are very small.. was he a midget? You should come here before 5pm in order to see what’s inside this cottage and see an idea of life in the 1700’s.



We were searching for this for quite sometimes, in the dark, reading signs & direction just to see..this? I mean.. I was expecting something like fireflies hanging around the tree, leprechaun, dwarfs, gnomes and pookas dancing underneath .. because I never did a research about Fairies Trees in Fitzroy Garden until Nina mentioned it to me.



It turned out that it is only a Red Gum tree stump, carved into not so lovely shapes of fairies families. I only appreciate that this stump is more than 300 years in age, but not the carvings. Boo!



This little model of Tudor village is located right in front of lame Fairies Tree stump. It is a gift from 7 year old boy, Edgar Wilson – of saying thanks for sending food to Britain during WWII. Really..?? hmm it makes sense since Lego wasn’t invented yet during WWII



Ya.. This maybe cute, but this ‘sights and attractions’ in Fitzroy Garden was so overrated. And none of those visitors and website ever mention about the real attraction in Fitzroy Garden at night until I discovered IT myself!



A wild, cute POSSUM! They are everywhere! fat, fluffy, wide round eyes, stand on its two feet. I mean, it is very hard to see a wake up koalas, so a standing wild Possum can be a very nice substitute la.



I baited it with a piece of leaf so that I can take a closer picture of it and it worked! The possum sniffed that green thingy and…



“Nahh.. this is not food. U stupid human. No food no talk, or talk to my fat ass.”

and don’t want to be friends with me & gone =(


I was very tired and hungry.. but still we paid our last visit to Federation Square. Federation Square is the place where u can find art exhibitions, event launches, cultural festivals and more. It just nothing happen when we were there. Oppsss.. wrong day.



We were very hungry, we could finish a whole cow that day. If u are in the same situation like us, in a chilly autumn night & hungry like a beast, I suggest u to come to Alasya Turkish Restaurant located at 555 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. This restaurant never seen empty and the crowd of people in here were so lively. (but I forgot to snap other patrons since Im too giddy due to starvation.





This restaurant has 2 section, with Turkish simple embellishment – because they are selling food, not interior design ideas. We were among the earliest bird who stepped in for dinner, so there were 2-3 tables behind us still empty.



They served us with 5 types of dips – Green one is olive cream, white one is something like hummus, sweet and sour chilly types and I forgot the other 2. Colorful!!!!


I think I can be settled by scooping these 5 types of dip without the main course le. Siao.



and oh the bread.. ohhhh the bread… so soft and warm.. the aroma of freshly bake bread almost made me orgasm. The taste? Out of this world! I never had a bread so yummy like this in my entire life… until.. now! I keep on stuffing this bread into my mouth until I don;t bother to wait for the main course!


Im a salad lover, but I don;t give a damn of these colorful salad, and keep stuffing those breads on and on..

I don’t remember this eerie ball name & I don’t like the looks of it!


This is how it looks like inside, rice with lamb. Eeekkk.. I hate lamb.


Here comes the main course. Grilled green chilly, eggplant, chicken, beef and lamb fillet soaked in olive oil and super awesome chilly sauce. OMG!!! and my stomach already filled with the bread.. how.. how???


Up close shot to make u salivate. Kindly wipe your drools on your keyboard after you finish reading this post please.

I keep on trying to stuff in these god like heaven grilled food – 2 slices of beef and 1 slices of chicken. Then I whispers to Harry “can we pack it home?? Cuz I wanna eat this tomorrow! Tonight is very unfair.. I can’t eat it all..”

According to Harry, it is illegal to pack unfinished food after there were several case where people got food poisoned due to inappropriate way of storing, reheating it. and the restaurant gets the blame for it. But Miss Nina use all her PR skill power & talked to the restaurant – and yays! I can bring these home! Hehe.


..and we end our day with sweet baklava and few more sickly sweet dessert.



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