Australia: Great Ocean Drive – Rainbow Journey.

Fun, exciting full of sight seeing journey continues.

This is the quickiest, simplest update with loads of pictures. Well,  A picture can tells you 1001 stories! Just imagine how many if there are 60 pics ? Just times it with 1001 le.

Im running out of time to pack my stuffs for my getaway tomorrow! and yet I still have to catch a last quick minute waxing appointment too! zzzz very .super last minute is my thing. I am sweating while typing this. *pant, pant, pant*

Look at my super excited cam whore moment. Feels good hair lookin’, ear to ear smiles and fake lashes is on girl! Heh.

A shot of the street which where I camped for a Melburnian experience – Hope Street, Brunswick.

A shot of Ms Nina taking a shot of me taking a shot of her =) . Berapa banyak shot daa..

.. and we off leaving Brunswick for couple of days..

Australia is very big and we are very grateful to experience a tiny circle part of it…

The Great Ocean Road!!

*Magnified Great Ocean Road map*

It took us about 1 hour to reach Geelong via Princess Highway from the city. Really, Melbourne’s highway name seriously cute – “Princess”.

passed by some antique car..

it was a cloudy day, we expecting it will be raining soon..

ah, there it is.. it’s raining. Well, the scenic along the highway is almost the same with what he have in here. All green.. hilly.. and boring…miss Nina had to utilize her utmost PR chatty skills that day in order to keep Harry awake.

is a must inside car shot when you’re doing group traveling.

..our 1st stop at Point RoadKnight. It was a nice point for u to stop by and stretch out after 1 hour driving. This is a hint telling u that, there will be more and more ocean and cliffs ahead. 😛

I don’t know what it called, but this is very cute bushes with white flowers all over it.

So we decided to explore a bit of Point Roadknight.. trying to get use of Australian ocean breeze..

I remember miss Nina shouted at me to be careful.. since I walked up so fast ahead (too excited to see where this small path lead us to) “Careful.. ini tempat orang..”

So I slowed down and doing the macro shot.. that was the only thing able to really slow..or stop u from walking too fast right.. macro shot. lol

So, we reached half way of the end of Point Roadknight, we assumed the view ahead will be very much the same..

darn, the outfit didn’t blend with the scene at all lah. Looks like.. sorang nak pergi shopping mall.. and another one is like..just woke up from bed or what? haha

these are few of macro shots I took along the way…

not that fabulous, but..ok la

hey, I’ve seen this flower everywhere while I was in Melbourne. Is this somekind of their national flower like Bunga Raya to Malaysia le?

just feelin the sands and stones..

Then we reached at a place called ANGELSEA. We were so lucky to see the place at its utmost angelic panorama…

Yes! It was rainbow – ing at that moment! It was a very  beautiful.. beautiful sight. and it was so big.. looks very close as if I can swim to it.

My 1st ever pose with rainbow. Rainbow on top of my head,

Rainbow behind.. just look at it. looks very close to the shoreline ey… Ah, I should have get down and check what’s in the end of the rainbow that time.. maybe a pot of gold!! (iya lah tu.. nak mampos adala..)

Stopped over for snacks, drinks and.. the toilet.

Tryin to stay healthy kononnya la.

and so.. we reached at the entrance of Great Ocean Road. We kinda stop here and there to give harry time to stretch out (again). Poor harry..I’d really wish that I can help him with the wheel but I don’t have an international driving license. The long…windy, winding road just had started..

Cantik je bunga lalangnya.


Then we continued our journey and I don’t know what happened along the way.. cuz.. ehem… I feel asleep. .

Arrived at Lornes Beach where we had fishes for our dinner.

strolled along and trying out some pluffy hat..

I don’t know why it called ‘Salty Dog’.. I didn’t see any hotdogs or dogs seriously covered with salt in there. lol.  Hhmm..weird.

while waiting our fishes ready, oh yeah.. everything in here prepared fresh from the oven, not preheated, or ready made food leh. So we catching some birds..

and caught up with this cute bird charmer 😛

White parrot were everywhere.. it was like black crows in Malaysia. No body cares about them and no, they can’t talk.

actually I wanted to take picture with him with a white parrot on his left arm.. but it flew away. But look at the other 2 parrots.. angelic!

I think parrots are the type of birds that really meant for show or training ler.. like a dolphin. They are naturally not afraid of us human.. do u think so?

I was so amazed to see a boy playing with bird bird (eh, why statement ni bunyi lain macam…) Look at him… He’s not a bird performer. He’s just a boy who hang out with a group of friends, and yet that parrot is like his pet.

Ok, enough with the birds lah, it’s time for the fish! Lapar nak mampos tau.

This was mine..soft tender .. juicy steam Blue Gren with a squeeze of lemon..

harry with his shark’s meat. I don’t know! he said shark. Im not sure if he bluffed at me but he gave me his serious look when he told me that!

Nina’s fish and I forgot what type was it.. ahh all fish the same lah.

I tried a bit of Harry’s ‘shark’ meat. Hhhmm well, it tastes like stingray meat lah.

We were very careful with these birds as we finished off our dinner quickly. We were very worry of ‘birds attack’ dinner. Harry told me it is very normal in here for a bird steal your fish. Like a monkey steal your drink can at Batu Caves ok…

It was 5.30pm… and it’s gets dark very fast and made our journey, plans and everything seems ran out of time.

The journey still left 1.5 hours to go.. and I was so bored. Harry gave me his lappy and the wifi broadband was working atm. And guess what? that was the time I updated my facebook status about the wallaby which  we almost hit.

you lucky wallaby!

and this post end abruptly here. I need to go to sleep.





  1. chybee

    May 12, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    wahh..lawa gambar!! what camera do u use?

  2. Gypsy On The Move

    May 13, 2010 at 12:09 am

    Nice! It’s always good to be on a road trip isn’t it?

  3. Lissa

    May 14, 2010 at 9:04 am

    Sea dog means experienced sailor, salty dog is a variation of that slang.

    And those parrots are called cockatoos, they can talk but need to be trained. ^.^

    I’m heading to Melbourne in August. Can’t wait! 😀

  4. Kyuubi_85

    May 16, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    whoa. best2! 😀 nicw pictures jg

  5. Independent Queen

    May 17, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    Nikon D3000
    @Gypsy On The Move: yep.. but it always painful right after the end of the good trip heheh.
    @Lissa: oic. now that I know!!! Don’t forget to put it up on ur blog ya?
    @Kyuubi_85 : thanks 🙂

  6. winter gurl

    May 22, 2010 at 10:14 am

    I really like the highway view . Very nice

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