Australia: Melbourne – Chick and The City.

Oh how I can’t wait to watch Sex and The City:2, swear to the non sense, nothing but the non sense – according to some guys la. They hate SATC and blame the content, supposed to be responsible for the mishap, new cult to the urban ladies in the city. Jerk. Okay, enough with the movie. We will look into it once it plays, in KL.

Last month I had an experience of being a ‘Melburnian’ for about 12 days, it was a fresh, lively and colorful experience I would say. Fresh because it’s autumn – the chill breezy air, Lively – streets performances were everywhere! and colorful with landscapes and ethnics.  

The most available, easiest and cheapest way to travel from one district into another within the city is by tram. It is advisable for the 1st timer to get a value card which allows you up to 10 times usage, to any spot within the zone stipulated. 10 not enough? Well, I don’t know.. Out of 12 days trip, We’ve been up and down the city area for 5 days (okay la. 1 time we took cab since it past midnight after the strippers club show) and yet I still have 1 usage left.

Don’t try to act that you are all adventurous, pay on the spot using whatever coins you have in your pocket. In the end, you end up asking people around for some coins change like a beggar. That was happened to me in my lousy HongKong trip.

This is Harry, a friend plus our official, friendly informative tour guide with 250% extra information which u can’t get from professional hired tour guide..He told us every story of murdering and slaying case happened at every corner of the streets we walked by in CBD. Ya scary tour.  I’m not sure if u still remember him from my Batu Caves’s post somewhere in February.

…and miss Nina, my ex classmate in Uni. We’ve been friends for almost 12 years. We bitch about each other yet still remains friends. Who says u will lost a friend when u bitch? Unless u think that you’re perfect 10 and no friends shld gave their true opinion about how slutty, or stupid  u are.. hmmm, don’t u bother to consider that person as a friend at the 1st place lah.

..and FYI, some people do buy their friends ‘dinner’ with free gift ‘kindness’ as a dessert, in order to ensure they will get ONLY good reviews and feedback from their friends on them. Pathetic.

Nah, Im not gonna describe what building is this. It might bring some controversy pulak. But we had our brunch right outside this building.

Autumn weather wasn’t very cold, when we 1st arrived. It was around 20C. So I still able to walk around with my plush slippers but still need medium thick tops to endure when the wind blows. But it gets chilly after 4pm or so.

The price looks like what we had in Malaysia. But just to remind u, the exchange was at 3.06 when I came to this city. My friends keep telling me “no, don’t compare Ringgit to AU dollar, must think dollar to dollar“. HHmm. Im sorry my friend.. I used my ringgit malaysia to get AU dollar leh, so, I can’t helped it.

So, this is mine. Smoked salmon. Everything was yummy except for the bread, it was a bit hard for my gum 🙁 u’ll see more and more fish in my other brekkie, lunch & dinner menu later. Anyway, it is easier to find ‘neutral’ (neither halal nor non halal) food in Melbourne compare to Asian country such as HongKong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea.

oh, this is the cheapest thing I manage to get in Melbourne. This is Chai Latte, a super smooth foamy latte tea with cinnamon powder. It costs me 50 cents, came in a very small glass and I had to get the 2nd one to match a Malaysian normal glass  =(

Miss Nina & Harry’s.

This is obviously the sign for you to get ready with your purse..

I didn’t spent much on my 2nd day, it just a couple of tops, Australian socket adapter (extremely important for my tong curler!!!!!) and this…

I know!!! It is delicious pink and USELESS in malaysia!! But I used it couple of time back in Melbourne, in the living room and kitchen at night because my socks didn’t help!! Well.. most of all.. because it’s pink and has discount of 25%. Hehe.

Street’s artists with very good quality performance. They looks clean and their music soothing to my ears.

He reminds me of Ben Grimm, The thing. Except he blows bubbles instead of punching the villains to rescue  people.

Roving around the CBD (Central Business District), swaying by the lamp post and feeling all romantic..hehe

Another street act, u can play a part, and in return, drop a coin or two as a token of glee 🙂

With Harry again, in front of infamous bar, Young & Jackson at Flinder’s street.

Flinder’s Street station, right across of it is Federation square.

a glimpse of Federation Square and a horse carriage rides

a laid back stream of Yarra River. Do not miss to stroll along this river or have a cuppa at The SouthBank along the riverside.

a laid back lassie with its owner.

The city at dusk. It is time for our special dinner ‘around’ the city..

Say yes to Tramcar Restaurant. This enthralled us with a classy experience of our 1st dinner in Melbourne..this tram cruise the scenic streets of Melbourne while u enjoy its fine cuisine, entertaining butler who guaranteed u to dine with a mouthful laughs.

The Tramcar Restaurant departs from and returns to Normanby road, near the corner of Claredon Street, south Melbourne. U can continue gambling at Crown’s Casinos right after this.

Bleep bleep.. my camera out of its battery. So I stole some of the pics from miss Nina collection.

A table decoration for 2.

So excited until our ravenous totally concealed in the photos. lol.

Posing with the menu card which U can’t get in any other part of the world. Harry was very considerate towards me, by requesting special fish menu for me. Unlike some people, they barked when their travel partner unable  to share or help them to finish their ill food. I mean, what’s the fuss? The happiness of your meal doesn’t strictly lies on food sharing alone. It’s the conversation in between that’s matters.

Our appetisers – Crisp bread and cracker with roasted red capsicum dip & Chicken liver and cognac pate.

John – The butler cum entertainer.

My grilled fish with grilled long beans & baby spinach with sweet potato mash (under the fish fillet)! Forgive my friend’s compact camera oh.. hehe.

Nina & Harry’s Victorian farmed eye fillet of beef with wild mushroom juice.

After few glasses of wine and 02 bottles of lemonade (that’s for me ler) we happily finished our blissful fine dinner with amazing view from our tram window, and move on to dessert.

This is mine – White chocolate & passionfruit mousse with praline and raspberry coulis. No matter how special the name and ingredients are, it tasted like a banana caramel to me lah. 😛

Sticky date pudding topped with butterscotch sauce and cream for Harry & Nina. I didn’t like it. It tasted bitter to me.

Took a picture with funny John. And he still made his last joke at me while helped me stepped off the tram “look Cinderella, your horse carriage is ready, waiting for u” because there is a horse carriage waiting outside at the drop off point.

As mentioned before, we crossed The Clarendon street and try our luck with the Jackpot machine :P. Won couples of extra spins and that’s it. lol.

 Nothing much interesting at Crown Casino, when you only have few hundreds bucks inside your pocket and your whole 9 days remaining trip, depending on it. lol.

Except for their much talkabout light show, which capturable with my Nokia E63.

Crown Casino Melbourne – Been there, peed there and the price of my NineWest ankle leather boots was 0.3 higher than the normal price I got in KL (I got it 50% discount at 1U outlet some more!!!).

That’s all for now,  currently busy doing plank and sides plank for my beach body tanning next week somewhere at east coast peninsular =))))




  1. SonnyKazu

    May 6, 2010 at 8:21 am

    nice trip you have there! 😀

  2. Wilmaryad Oscallas

    May 7, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Aww, you were looking super simple chic and seem to have had a grandiose time. 🙂 Good for you!

    P.S. Guess what the word verification for this comment was? SATC! (Initials of Sex and The City lol)

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