Australia : Scenic Graveyard

Malasnya nak update…

Ok, this will be the end of Great Ocean post. If I found myself almost vomit looking at these coastline pictures.. then, how about u then. huh. Speaking of vomit, last week I’ve got food poisoned badly – end up thrown out all my guts upside down and laosai for the whole night. A friend came to send me to the clinic and she says “wah, u look very skinny compare to yesterday!”

As a conclusion – Laosai can help u to lose weight overnight.

Let’s end the 1st paragraph of revolting story with something sweet like;



my picture eating sweet sour candy strips by the Shipwreck Coast. I mean.. how insensitive I was eating and cheering by the coast which has claimed many ships and the lives of its crews. I am seriously didn’t bothered by the history of the locations. All I know I only want my memories in every location to be perfect.

“Hate histories, love memories….” – Heartboxx

only sweet memories, mind u. My life pretty simple,  deleted all bad memories – and make myself believe it never happened. So, whoever included in my bad memories – just consider yourself dead to me la oh.


Called it a BAD COAST. because it destroyed too many ships and seized so many souls in here. Mesti banyak hantu kat sini. (haunted). Tapi kenapa tak meremang pun bulu – bulu aku masa lepak – lepak kat sini ha? (didn’t feel anything – no goosebumps at all)


but the weird thing was, I can’t see any shipwreck in here.. or maybe need to swim further (and let this bad coast take my soul la pulak) in order to see it.


Harry kept saying Geelong and all the cities along the stretch of southwest of Victoria coastline are uncivilized (because he’s from CBD area?) but hey look! they have ‘buttbin’ okay? I never seen anything like this in KL oke? I mean, in our country, those smokers still threw the cig butt on the floor even tho’ they stood beside the dustbin ler.
So how low is our Civilization rate then ?



This massacre bay is nothing compare to Gaza strip lah. Anyway, which coastline is never change le? Paya pun berubah setiap kali kena banjir atau kena korek dek kapal korek kan..



It was a cloudy day  – 5 minutes drizzled, 7 minutes sunshine, 20 minutes cloudy. Lucky it never snowed suddenly kan..



Few meters from the Shipwreck coast deck view is a golf field. I think it is for public – need not to register for club membership and green fee. So since it is for public, I used it as a props for posing lah.


After I finished rolling on the golf field (until Harry & Nina cannot tahan anymore) then we continue our journey to Loch Ard Gorge. It was the only stop that allows  visitors to come down close to the beach. But I don’t think they open this site to the public like they are right now in the next 5-10 years by looking at the increment of sea water level, more erosion and all.







and as usual, this coastline also killed many peoples. eeiii semua tempat makan orang lah. Anyway, this place was appeared in some number of scenes of  The Pirate Movie (1982) and TV series Journey to the Center of the Earth (1999)



It was autumn.. and the beach sand was cold at that moment you know..


..and so the water. It was piercing cold, like soaking your feet into a tub of ice. but I don’t care. I came from thousands miles away… to feel the icy cold sea water in autumn, is priceless.


So, as u can see, it is not so boring when u got to play around at the location, rather than just taking the photos of blue skies, blue ocean and the waves. We were playing with the sand, jumped off from the top of  rocks nearby, chasing and chased by the icy cold shorelines.



Miss Nina with her sand pose.


..and Harry also don’t want to miss his sand pose – epic. lol




and so we walked to the nearby ‘attractions’..



There are few infamous blowholes around the world –  Blowholes of Tongatapu, Tonga, La Bufadora, Punta Banda, Mexico (which I seriously intended to visit day) and The Blowhole, Great Ocean rd, Australia. Some of it whistle and shooting spout.. but the one in Great Ocean produce a purple light. Why called it blowhole then? better call it.. ermmm ‘Purplewatercave’ can…?
Kindly read the info about The Blowhole below.


*Click to enlarge so that u can read, save my time from copying those info about* – and as usual, this place also has its own tragic memories – only 1 survived out of 50 something like that.





Yup. deadly coastlines.



Visited old cemetery nearby. nothing interesting  unless there is Carmichael or Mitchell or Jones in your bloodlines. I tried to be sympathetic but it happened hundreds years ago till I can’t imagine how it feels back then lar.. nak baca surah yassin pun.. tak kena juga kan.. Alaaa.. don’t claim that I’m heartless lar.. ask u, when u guys visited some of the old cemetery behind A’Famosa Melaka there, you guys cried ar? Cheyy.




Ok, enough about the sad history of Loch Ard. Spare your despondent here, at 12 Apostles for they are now became 7 only =( So, whoever whishes to see one of the greatest limestone carvings by nature, come faster lar… before it completely vanished from the shoreline.



Uh oh, for the very first time.. I feel so outback in Australia. hehe.


It took 20 millions for the waves to carve this soft limestone to form caves in the cliffs then into arches later then would collapse (remember london bridge in my previous post?) leaving big and small rock stacks.
These stacks were renamed into 12 Apostles for the purpose of tourism (cheyyyy) despite only ever having 9 stacks. 



Well, these stacks will completely disappear eventually – 1st one collapsed in year 2005, then the 2nd one was collapsed 4 years after the 1st one in year 2009, so basically you still have another  ermmm (4yrs x 7) 28 yrs  to go, well , by that time there will be another 23124586 new stacks off the shore lah.
Nevermind. Go visit koalas or something else.




Too bad, it was cloudy day.. =(



Harry was too tired and finally handed over the stick to me. He trusted me to sit behind the wheel based on what? my driving skills in genting highland last time is it? Or maybe he had calculated the formulas perfectly, driving while super tired OR let this girl drive when it is already dark on great ocean winding road = dead le?
Well, our initial plan was to drive back to Melbourne city via Grampians, too bad, we had to cancel the it since..well.. time and budget constraints la.. what else?

Hehe.. yes! I had driven the Great Ocean Road! without an international license! That was the sweetest memories that I had from my Great Ocean Trip! Mine only! hahahahaha.



Then we stopped by at Apollo Bay, 191 km from Melbourne city – for our final coastal dinner. This  forgotten restaurant’s name is belong to a Greek, but I had a crave for mash potatoes.  But ended up with regret. Too dry with no gravy at all!


Nina’s Greek kebab.



Harry’s beef curry with rice. Macam melayu daaaa..


Harry finally fully recharged by the spicy- ness of that beef curry, put his shumacher’s mode and fled to the city!  “Back to the civilization..” he mumbled….


“It’s how u see the world, how many times can u see? U can’t believe what u learn.
It’s how u see the world. don’t worry yourself…you’re not gonna get hurt”  – Coldplay




  1. winter gurl

    June 8, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    Beautiful scene .I like most is the beach view , really wonderful. I wish can visit the place .

  2. Wilmaryad Oscallas

    June 9, 2010 at 3:25 am

    I am officially almost jealous! Good thing it’s you, and not somebody else, who is taking advantage of such scenery, food and fun photo shoots. 🙂

  3. Lean

    June 9, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Dropping by ere. =). nIce pics

  4. liyana aziz

    June 9, 2010 at 11:13 am

    hey there, i loved those pictures.. =)


    June 9, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Wow, this place is so wonderful! Like in shangri-la!

  6. jfook

    June 9, 2010 at 11:40 am

    Wow, nice pics you have there.

  7. Independent Queen

    June 12, 2010 at 6:53 am

    @Wintergurl : Just go! AirAsia Tix very cheap now!
    @Wilmaryad Oscallas : That was my main reason for shoots, photo shoots, photo shoots and food. Haha!
    @Lean : Thanks.
    @liyana aziz : haaa singgah2 la selalu
    @TOLANIC : One day, I will be taking photos of that happy land Tolanic..
    @jfook : thanks.

  8. Ariff Shah

    June 13, 2010 at 5:49 am

    waaa…. best ah your trip. next time bring me together la 😀

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