Away~Swiss Garden Kuantan.

Valentines is over now. Pheww. Kinda torturing for someone like me you know. Well well.. If this month flowers, chocolate, teddies and strawberries flavoured condom are sold out.. wait until next month, eerrmm same day around mid march .. hehe.. most of the pharmacies will record high sales in pregnancy test ler… believe me. Good Luck ~!
It’s hotel inspection again..and this time is Kuantan, Pahang. It is one of the Swiss Garden hotel chain in east cost of Malaysia located at Balok beach, Beserah. For more info better you go here : Swiss Garden Kuantan, Pahang. I scare ler, later I wrongly gave the info, kena sue liao.

Well, you know la…with all frustration and quatro will, I departed to Kuantan at 2pm, on Friday the 13th somemore.. eerie. I keep imagine what will happen over there since, frankly, Im not so excited for my trip this time. Because I had a bad .. not to say bad la.. but quite boring experience during a hotel inspection on the east coast side, Cherating and I presumed that the situation will be more alike since Cherating and Kuantan is like what? 40km apart? And I also presumed (again) that the hotel will be about the same, dead at night.

After exited at Gambang around 6pm, we saw rainbow in the sky. To break the boring – ness inside the car (since we’ve been on the road almost for 4 hours) the rest of us were trying to guess the exact 7 rainbow colors. Zzzzzzz. None of us remember what they are. I bet you also cant even remember all 7 colors rite? Dont lie lar… When was the last time you look up into the sky and see rainbow?

It was kinda easy to find the direction to the hotel since the signboard is everywhere. And finally… here we are…

The traditional live band welcoming the guests at lobby.

It is quite huge lobby tho, and surprisingly they have modern zen style lobby. For the first time in my life I saw hotel lobby with infinity fountain? Pool? I don’t know how to call it lah.. but kinda cool ler..

And the water drop as a fake rain down to the restaurant’s glassed wall right below the hotel lobby. Nice leh. I like the overall design at the lobby, minimalist and very zen. Unlike some hotel trying so hard to fill up the space with crap flowers, huge vases and lame replicas.

Terrace Garden Restaurant, day time. All kinda buffet meal, you can get it here.

Then we had our welcome drink as well as room keys at Blue Chip Lounge from their Operational and Sales Manager, Mr Abdul Latib Omar and Raymond Leaw.As usual, Swiss Garden Team are very warm and welcoming.. same as my previous visit to its sister, Swiss Garden Damai Laut, Pangkor.

Here’s my room number. Too late guys.. I’ve checked out already kekekz.

This is the 1st view once you open the door – Deluxe Sea View category.

This huge mirror is all yours. You can see your face expression while you poopoo. Nice.
P/s : Please take note my cute pink cam. It matches my pink iPod and my beach slippers you know?)

While busy taking picture of the toilet, someone knocking at my door and ” Miss…chocolate for you… enjoy…”. Heng.

Refreshed a bit, then ready for dinner. We had it at The Garden Terrace. Chatted with hotelier. Finish around 10 plus..

Girls, this is Alexey, our Russian Speaking Guide. He’s Russian mix with Greek, guy.. interested? Dont hesitate to call my office. (Why I sounded like mummy san laaaaaaa…)

Haaa.. they have quite interesting bar called Malibu. Got sexy pinoy band some more. Performing a-la pussy the kitty puppet… errmm I mean Pussy Cat Dolls. Too bad, my cam battery was too low until I cant take the video on how they singing and dancing. Sexi la.. even I cant dance like them.

Kekekekz this is how Pool Fool looks like nothing to do, while the the rest starting to order the booze and check out the bar girls.. so we, decent (heh) girls play some balls lah. kekekz. Oie…Im not that bad ok..I manage to make those balls got into the hole errrmm like.. 5-6 times out of 100 trial shot. Minus the white colored ball ok?

Yep.. Pool poser detected.

One thing about him ler, he always got this drunk face expression while he is not.. I think coz of his eyes ler.. by looking at him I felt sleepy.. and I left these people at 12.30, straight to my bed. Cannot tahan ler..tired. Owh.. ya.. I know.. coz Im holding an auntie status already ler.. that’s why Im no longer a night owl.

End of day 1.



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