Baby It’s Cold Outside Pt. 2

Here is to many post about Japan to come. After 2 months, now then I think I have mood to post about it. This is the continuity of my 1st ever post made while I was still in Japan. I never blogged when Im abroad. Well, it was a good try. And Im not sure that I can ever do that anymore.

When I come to think again, my Japan trip isn’t awesome AT ALL. Maybe you think Im crazy, but I think my Bangkok lonesome travelling experience waaaayyyy much more better. As a conclusion (what, I made a conclusion at 2nd paragraph of blog post?) – RUSH is a big killer of every vacation or trip. Rushing to somewhere, rushing to be at some places which was written on your paper itinerary, rushed by your travel buddy, are not awesome at all. Proverb says “TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE”. But lets stick to 2 heads, not 4, not 6, not many.

Some heades haue taken two headis better then one: 
But ten heads without wit, I wene as good none.

Still, I don’t blame others. It was me who can’t deal with more than 2. Im an individualist. A total self centered person. It is not them who failed to agree with me, but it is me who refused to agree πŸ™‚

Unless you buy a travel PACKAGE. That’s a different story.

Back to Cold Osaka.

I love to take irrelevant pictures but it still telling people “it’s Japan”. Kimonos, Gyaru, Geisha, Yakuza, Sakura or what’s so ever that made Japan, Japan, is not necessary anymore. Because everybody knows it. But still I wanted to capture something beautiful along the streets, in my own way. So, many people can’t understand or stand with me. “she took gizillion pictures, she slow us down” – then go ahead. Leave me behind. I don’t have problem with people leaving me behind.

We went to visit Umeda Sky Building on our 2nd day. It is me. When I going places, I will make sure that I will be on the tallest skycraper, so that I can see the whole city in a few minutes.

Don’t be fool with the street’s name and location. Even the Umeda Sky Building have the same name with Umeda station, it is not walk able distance between the 2. You can take a free shuttle bus provided by Osaka’s Westin Hotel from Umeda train station to Umeda Sky Building. Westin hotel and Umeda Sky Building are sitting next to each other.

Made a quick stop at Pastry Shop, Condi @ Westin Osaka – for I woke up and touring sans breakfast. Crazy. I don’t skip breakfast no matter how poor I am, or how late I am.

When I was in Osaka, they were celebrating a White Day – A celebration of men paying back women who have given them chocolate on Valentine’s Day with usually candy instead of chocolate, with an additional later Black Day observed for those sharing singleness.

Oh! I didn’t get anything from my boyfriend on White Day in Japan because I’ve given him nothing on Valentine’s Day! No Wonder! Gggrrr. Um, he helped me with my heavy luggage through out the trip though. Thank you darling. Moral : it is important to have a strong, athletic man in your life. They will make things easier, even without much money in their pocket. LOL.

Umeda sky Building, from the ground.

173 = 173m in height.

and if you wanted to see it all, you’ve got to pay the max fee, 700 yen.

actually I was a bit giddy when I took this picture. But I didn’t tell anyone because I don’t want to appear gay. Look at the background. I bet Mike was giddy too. But he hid it so that I won’t laugh at him.

Basically, we were standing at that red circle. Giddy or not!

I present you, Osaka City from Umeda Sky Building!

Umeda sky Building previously owned by Toshiba and has a Floating Garden Observatory.

You see, when you talk about Japan, it must be all futuristic and hi tech gadgets and latest technology. So I was expecting to meet up with robotic ticketing officer or robotic cats walking around entertaining tourists. But I was wrong. The ambiance in that building is so lovey dovey with music box melody on air. It feels like Valentines and it makes you wanna sit down and sleep in your beloved’s arms. Weird isn’t it?

They have a sweet almost like couple seat in every corner of that building.

So sweet!

and this is seat for the singles???

and it has a sweet photo booth. Look at the date – 201234!

you can get your paper stamped for free, just for a keepsake. 

It wasn’t a clear sunny spring afternoon, but we still took a few level up and out to Umeda’s Floating Garden.

It was windy and rainy πŸ™ But for 700 yen that we paid, yes. Ye did it.

and here is the view of Cold Spring Osaka city from Floating Garden;

Well, with the fog like this, we should came up here during night time. At least neon and lights able to burst through foggy air πŸ™

Here’s night view of and from Umeda Sky Building, Not mine, I stole these pictures, anyways :((((

Very cold and hungry, we went down at the base of Umeda Sky Building and searched for food.

We accidentally end up at “Takimi Lane of Restaurants” – located at the 1st basement of Umeda Sky Building. “Takimi Lane of Restaurants” on the first basement of Umeda Sky Building reproduces a street in Naniwa in the early Showa era when Osaka was at its brightest and most vigorous. There are a number of nostalgic items dating from those days – a pump-style well, Inari Shrine, a stone-paved alley, a short split curtain, and lattice doors. 

We were looking for something ‘authentic’ in Japan since we got here. But it is impossible unless you take a train and heading out of the city, maybe to Kyoto or Nara. But “Takimi Lane of Restaurants” brings the authentic into the city. Well, this is not bad for our 2nd day experience in Osaka.

I love finding places by “accident”. This is what I love about getting lost in stranger’s land. Because we might find something more interesting than what we read about “A Must Visit Attraction”. 

Trippin in a trip – instead of finding it, it came stumbled upon you to embrace it.

…and they even have Hachiko!!

Look at the decoration of the restaurant that we had our lunch.

Yes, robots and raksaksa!

and we had our quick Japanese language lesson in that restaurant.

With that, I have to quickly end this post. This is too long and I will continue in Part 3 – With Osaka Castle, etc etc πŸ˜€




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