Banana over Mango….

(This post is dedicated to all mango lovers all around the world..)
Im so banana over this yellow thingy fruit since forever already, until I discover the temple of its own.. at Bangsar Jalan Telawi, opposite fruity EON bank. “Mango Mania” that how it is called and it supplies me my weekly dosage>>>>

Believe me, it is nothing like other fruity base yoghurt ice cream like lecka lecka or Baskin Robin, this is much more better. Dont forget to ask for “water lily” mango as your toppings cuz… ahhh.. this type of mango taste like ermmm…a cube of sugar, marinated in honey, coated with candy and wrapped again with lotsa sugar powder, again and again and again. This is sweeter than your first kiss. Guaranteed.
99% of the menu contains mango.
This is “Sweet and Sour Chicken Chop” with lotsa mango. (But I prefer they grill the chicken, not fried like this one, maybe next visit can ask them to grill it) But the gravy… emmpphh… yummi.

Yep, looks like ordinary burger…

But, please try this…it taste very different and refreshing. The chicken patty also taste damn yummi. It was more like ermm home made patties.

So, only 1% of the menu is non mango. Like this one. But taste good too. Look small but, actually the meal is a huge portion for 1 person.. I cant finish it ler.

They have lots of other thing, like mango crepe, mango smoothies, mango cheese cake, mango pie, BBQ mango fruit~!!, and more and more and all infused with mango.

Yep, I love mango and oh.. I also like Mangosteen ya.. See? cuz it contain word “mango” there. Wish someday I will find a Mangosteen Mania around KL later on.

Few days before that…..

I have to cancel my lunch at Mango Mania cuz my friend asked me to try out the Grilled BBQ Salmon in here… cuz she wonder why I stop mentioning about the fish of my life – Salmon, for quite sometime already. I tell you why I stop eating Salmon, this is cuz I had a very bad, shitty experience of eating BBQ salmon at Breeks, Vivo City, Singapore. It was so bad, until kills my sense of eating salmon since then. When I thinking of a Salmon, I wanna vomit….

And this is the trial to cure me. My friend just cant accept the fact that I do not want eat Salmon anymore…until…

Juicy flesh lying over fresh leafy…over glistening tartar sauce…

What can I say? Welcome back to my life, dear Salmon~!

Actually I ordered this, and that grilled bbq fish was for my friend but when both plates arrived, she switched it. .She seriously, zealously wanted to help to cure my hatred toward salmon. Wooo..she really hates me hating salmon. And she even paid for the lunch.

Appetizers. you should try that marinated olive. Taste like “jeruk” fruits but, nicer. First time I had a sour thingy in my tongue without crimping my face. I finished all 5 and left 1 piece to my friend. And the bread… milky…love every bite of it.

the counter.

This bistro has 2 floors. The upper one is the bar. When the night fall, you can come here, fishing some fish, not just the grilled one, but a white, big – shark – alive – fish, perhaps. Haaaaa…..



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