Bandung 2012: You’re always a celebrity. End

Ah, I’ve noticed that all the ugly photos and link shared by government followers and opponent regarding Bersih 3.0 rally on Facebook wall is subsiding. Thank to Youtube’s video of a crazy woman beating her baby (recorded last year). Now everybody in Malaysia (both BN and PKR’s people) keep posting and sharing it in unison, expressing their shock and anger towards the mother and the one who recorded the video. But then I will not be surprised if PKR and its allies will come up with new accusation that, the mother & the baby is paid by the government, purposely to act and record that scene to divert angry Malaysian attention from keep talking about 13th General Election. Hhhmm. Politic = anything is possible. Malaysia is burning hot lately, too sunny and too bright. It must be government’s fault too. I don’t know how, but every unfavorable circumstances that happen in Malaysia, will be government’s fault. Im having constipation now. and you know who’s fault.

Where were we? Ah, shopping spree. It seems like everybody, male & female, agreed that Bandung is a shopping heaven, even for those who bring only RM100 as their pocket money. Yes you can.

These 4 are among other things I bought at Factory Outlet along Jalan Riau. It cost me RM 35 – RM 60 each.

But, in Rumah Mode, you need to allocate more. It is very rare for you to get a good piece of shirt or dress which is below RM 80 – RM 100 price tag. But the quality is undeniable. It is not totally like F.O.S or “Reject Shop” quality that people always claimed. It is just the same quality you saw in the boutique. It just – out of season or quantity is over produced.

I bought this MNG trench coat, (and wore it during my visit to Kobe, Japan) which I just saw in Mid Valley last December and it was priced at RM 259 after 50% discount. But at Rumah Mode, I got it for RM120. So, it’s a steal buy. I bought few polo T-shirts for my boyfriend at Rumah Mode too. Yes, Burberry and Ralph Lauren is the brand that you can find in Rumah Mode, priced at RM80 – RM150. Oh wait, now I remember, they have plenty of Guess, CK and DKNY T-shirts with Swarovski, priced at RM 35 – RM 50. So, yea, you can have cheap stuff in Rumah Mode too. But, too bad. I don’t really wear T-shirt, not at my age πŸ™

Ultimate madness await you at Pasar Baru. This is where all the aunties favorite place. Feeling Datin Rosmah pun oke,

I don’t remember what did I bought here until he willing to take pictures with me. haha.

If you a fan of pink, or any specific color, and want to color coordinate your clothes as well as Telekung to the praying mat, yes, they have it here πŸ™‚

Ah, look at that. I can’t help but but get one.. or two for myself πŸ˜› Tak payah tunggu hantaran lah.

Anyways, don’t wait to go to Bandung. Go now. With increasing air fare, and the cheap price in Bandung won’t stay cheap as yesteryears, you won’t be able to feel like how I feel if you wait to go to Bandung next year. It won’t stay cheap forever. Trust meh. 

And you will entitled discount of RM 35 if you mentioned this blog πŸ™‚

More lunch after shopping. This time is Nasi Padang Menu.

And continued get attacked by ‘shopping’ right after your lunch. Happy or not?

In Bandung, you don’t have to worry. ‘The shop’ will continuously following you. It just a turn of your neck away. Si beh tahan. It brings me nightmares at night. It stop me from going to shopping malls for a month after I came back from Bandung. How about that?

and then we proceed to Toko Tiga where all the mother of Jeans are sold. Levis, Edwin, etc etc. Well, Im not a fan. Instead of looking at the jeans, I got this!

Cute πŸ™‚

Shopping haul – Day 2 =.=”

and it seems like never end…

it’s shitty cheap I tell you.

until the sun drop.. boleh gila engkau dibuatnya!

and last stop for the day, my boss requested our coach driver to make a stop at this Brownies shop;

It’s called Amanda Brownies and cheese cake. According to our tour guide, they got the name ‘Amanda’ from “Anak dan mertua Aman Damai’ Something like that. The shop was founded by a mother and her daughter in law and the business is booming until now. Their brownies cake is so famous and fresh, and can’t be found in Malaysia.

It cost like RM18 for the small one and as high as RM45, depending on size and flavor. I was thinking to get a cheese cake, small one, but at the same time I wanted to try the brownies. And then my boss said to all of us, to take whichever we would like to try.. I was like.. ‘uh, right.. Im penniless now!” 

in the end, it was brownies and cheese cake give away. My boss bought it for all of us!!! Thank you boss~!!! So happy :)))

Dinner after brownies. I started to like the food on day 2. I love that stir fry long beans and their deep fried fish with flour. Yums!

We are happy, free brownies, shopping spree, stomach full and now our boss bring us to sing ourselves until we fell asleep πŸ™‚

oh, the hotel that we stayed in, Sukajadi hotel  – is a mansion built during British colonial period. They didn’t change much and still preserve the original architecture of the building and so its precious leftovers.

So, the hotel acting as a mini museum too.

and I don’t know Hermes has this before Birkin.

unlike other old mansion, this mansion didn’t give me any creepy eerie feelings. 

Next Morning… Breakfast..

A group photo with our beloved lady boss.

and for the last time, our boss spoiled us by providing VIP waiting room at the airport. It comes with coffee and tea, and fancy tidbits πŸ™‚

Till then…

Tata Bandung πŸ™‚



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    hay, nice to see your blog! I’m Fatia from bandung, Indonesia… my mother is a guide, she can handled it by herself with the cheaper price than if you go with the travel. if you interested, just send me an email and we can talk about it:) thank you…

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