Bandung 2012: You’re always a celebrity. Pt 1

For you attention whore, who likes to pose in front of the camera and wish that people will follow and beg for your response in every step you make, as soon as you set one of your foot on the ground – Bandung is for you.

I know I was talking about my trip  to Bandung since February. And I have gazillions story on my Japan trip in March yet to post. But, by looking at my nature as a weekend blogger and I write according to my mood, it’s going to take years to finish, I guess.

I was on a company trip to Bandung on February and it was a fun trip. It was nothing like ordinary company trip, if fact, it felt like I was on a Family trip, except, I don’t have to pay for the food, pay for every unnecessary  cheap things that your family might pick along the way and think about how to survive till the end of the month after a huge spending during the trip.

This is the very 1st snap in Bandung, and it was taken when I was on my way to the coach.

It wasn’t perfect for paparazzi kind of shot. So, for those who is planning to go to Bandung, kindly be prepared with aviator sun glass, Blackberry phone in your hands and pretend you are busy tweeting to your fans telling them you’re at Bandung Airport (pfffttt..) and be all diva as if you are Kim Kardashian followed by Paparazzi.

Like this.

Ok, cut the non sense short. Anyway, it was a fun trip 🙂

It was a 3 day 2 nights fun trip of sightseeing, SHOPPING, eating, SHOPPING, camwhoring, SHOPPING and SHOPPING. Bandung is like a place for you to practice to be Datin Rosmah to London and Italy. Bandung is for Malaysian to shop like they just came out from the cave after been living inside for 35 years, and suddenly – shop.

Here’s the proof;

*I had to mosaic that guy face because I loath him. I never liked him for every reason, business or personal. He knew it and I don’t think being straight forward and upfront about how you feel is a crime.

Those are shopping bags for 1 day shopping. We were there for 3 days. So just multiply those bags into 3. Airasia making money on extra baggage. And now Airasia is so mischievous, they knew Malaysian pretend to be poor, complaining about increasing petrol price, toll and tax. And yet busy shopping all year round in Bandung, Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok. So they increased the flight ticket to Bandung now, and maybe to the rest of their destination soon. If you are able to get KUL-BDO-KUL below RM400, over the weekends, now, you must be dreaming, or lying. Or maybe you are second cousin to Ananda Krishnan. Well, most of Malaysian are lying anyway. They have the money. It just they wanted to spend it on shopping, gadget like iPad and fancy imported cars. Not on tax, toll & petrol. So maybe if PKR win on upcoming election, maybe Malaysian will be able to shop in Paris and Italy just like they did in Bandung, Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok since PKR PROMISED to lift off the toll, tax and Im not surprise if they PROMISED a rice sack will be given to 28 million Malaysian on weekly basis. I don’t really follow any political shit around this country, but if I heard RUMORS of any of party able to make bank loan INTEREST FREE, they will get my vote, EVERYDAY.

Im not gonna write my Bandung trip post accordingly to Day 1, 2 and 3. I just sum it up so that you know what is 3 days 2 nights trip to Bandung in general. And I don’t think you wanted to know in detail. You just wanna see the pictures.

We stayed at this nice hotel called Sukajadi. Not Sukahati. But it will make you feel Sukahati on its own way, when the time is right. It is located at Sukajadi road, some kind of central area where shopping mall Paris Van Java Mall and a walking distance to few Factory outlet boutique but I never had a chance to visit because of exhaustion. 

Here’s Sukajadi at a glance;

Twin sharing room with flat screen TV.

Swimming pool area.

Hall way on every floor. It’s different on every floor.

Hall way that separated hotel lobby and guest room.

Despite of nice room and service, I have to give my honest opinion about the breakfast. It’s suck. I hope it was me, not the hotel’s fault. Maybe I never liked Indonesian style food since Bali. Or, maybe the food here is truly sucks. Here, omelette is free but half boiled egg is chargeable. I guess to boil plain water is more expensive than frying an egg using coconut oil with condiments, here in Bandung.

Our cute small 20 seaters coach in Bandung.

Traffic in Bandung

You see, for the first timer like me, I keep on questioning myself, what is about Bandung anyway? Why people keep on talking about it until Airasia increased the ticket price from RM200 to RM800. By looking at the streets and surroundings, I rather choose visiting old, ancient temple in Jogjakarta or Cambodia. 

Malaysia should consider to go back to old style of public transportation and so government can use their so called petrol subsidy to do something else like help saving stray cats and dogs. Because no matter how they claimed about helping with the subsidy, it’s never enough to us Malaysian.

Bandung streets food. It looks like a BBQ sticky rice cube or something. Eat with dry grated coconut. I don’t dare to try because it is so open to the streets.

Visit Tangkuban Perahu, a dormant volcano. I tried to find any shape looks like upturned boat as why this volcano got its name from. But it was too foggy or maybe I didn’t care to find the spot which is high enough to see the view of this volcano as a whole. I can’t when 4-5 streets salesmen been following me around with their knickknacks to sell. Toys, fridge magnets, handmade hats, beads.. you name it!

It was cold and foggy up here, that was not a smoke from the volcano. But it’s mist from cold climate at Tangkuban Perahu. Unlike Genting Highland ya.. those mist are real.

I tried to find every angle to take a good view of this volcano.. but it turned out looks like a dump site, unless someone pose in front of it. well, if i didn’t tell you that is Tangkuban Perahu, you guys would think it is a dump site anyways.

See? 4 of them are the salesmen just waiting for me to finish my pose and once you finished with your pose, they were like “please buy this.. I give you at a very cheap price.. bla bla bla”

Ghetto streets salesmen which I believe their will and hope is stronger than Insurance salesmen in Kuala Lumpur. They will make sure you leave with something, from their stalls. No empty handed. Never say never kata Justin Bieber.

They really follow you around. There were like – Never give up, never surrender (wait.. where I heard that from.. ) And one of the salesmen even offered to be my photographer. So I gave him my camera and he was so happy to take my pictures around! Well, after 1 hour, and I was about to leave the place he was like “please miss.. I already wait for you to buy my stuff patiently..  at least buy 1..” Hhhhmm well, yea, finally he made me buy his stuff. Urgghh. He was the one who never gave up.. and I was the one who surrendered. 

and you will find Naruto and Dragon Ball gang at the stalls along the streets.

It’s a cold place, so they have this fresh from the wok snacks. Mainly made from tapioca, tofu and God knows what it is..

Oh, I got this video taken at Tangkuban Perahu. Lucky the guy didn’t make me buy that thing!!!

We had our 1st lunch at this restaurant called Saung Balibu.

I feel for the fish. I mean, it was presented in a very mean way! You’re dead, fried and stabbed by the fork after you’re dead and fried!!

Im not a fan of Indonesian food. I just can’t take it :(I remember I was busy eating that poor fish to its bone.. and that’s it 🙁 But I think it just me, because the rest of the group shoved it down into their throat and left their plate shiny clean. So yea. it was just me.

It’s a nice and quiet restaurant. It offers a decent vast view of local residence with rolling mountains as its background.

and for avocado lovers, you SHOULDNT miss avocado juice, made 100% out of avocado. When I said 100%, no water added! just ice cubes and chocolate syrups. Thick & creamy. I don’t know how many avocado they take to make this, but it is cheap! The price is not even cost 1 avocado that sells in Malaysia. I was like drinking and drinking avocado juice in Bandung many many times so that it can helps me to look young in an instant. Yeah right.

Infamous Teh Botol in Bandung. No preservative and color added. That’s what they claimed. But who cares tea in the bottle when you got expensive avocado juice in Bandung?

Happy group photo after happy eating.

uh, Im so hungry right now and I feel bad for saying that the food wasn’t good enough. The truth is, if those foods appear in front of me right now, I would eat it.. eat it all..

Ok, now I need to check my freezer see what I can eat right now.

continue this in part 2! I guess.

So, tootle – oo




  1. Awelodeng

    April 24, 2012 at 2:02 am

    Alamak !! rm800/-…..that is so NOT cheap okay…. Anyway.. what a nice trip in Bandung… I feel want to go Kg Baru now to get Avocad juice… Yum..yumm..

  2. AzlanStrider

    April 24, 2012 at 3:19 am

    hehehe..i just got back from bandung last bout ur personal view shopping at bandung..Stylo tak barang2 dia kat sana??i just went there for one night sebab saya kena pergi jakarta plak..Tak sempat nak browse semua kedai??hehehe

  3. independentqueen

    May 21, 2012 at 7:28 am

    Dekat restoran ayam Penyet Express ada jus Alpukat. RM7.50!! Mahai!!!

  4. independentqueen

    May 21, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Ruginyaaaaaaa…. 1 hari buat apa la???

  5. AzlanStrider

    May 21, 2012 at 8:08 am day and half actually sebab we all bertolak ke jakarta petang esoknya..actually we all plan nak gi jakarta..saje turun kat bandung sbb igt nak jalan2 kat sana jap..and plus poyo konon2 bleh habis shopping satu hari jer..hahahaha

  6. independentqueen

    May 24, 2012 at 11:03 am

    memang poyo! haha

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