Bangkok 2012 – What’s it Like to Travel Solo? pt 3

Bangkok : Where Taxis are colorful. Put it all together =  is Rainbow on the streets!

I never seen so many colors of taxis in my whole life, until Bangkok. They have all kind of colors, you just name it. It’s all new cars (Toyota Vios, mostly) and colorful. And it became so beautiful because they didn’t assigned specific colors for specific district, or location. They just colored it as a part of streets decoration. That’s how Thailand or Bangkok Tourism do their thing. They paid attention to every little details in making their city looks lively in day time. Not just depending on neon lights

I still have little hard skin on my right palm when Im writing this. It is from the blister I got while dragging my luggage up and down Bangkok city. That’s the most meaningful souvenir I got for myself from this trip. I proved to myself that Im not all Barbie. I can drag my heavy luggage under sunny day on busy streets of a stranger’s land, with my hair all messed up and sweaty armpit. I can.

After checking my room and freshen up, I can’t wait to see Bangkok up above the air plane view (no more bird’s view) Because birds cant fly this high 🙂
Or, maybe SuperBird.

Thailand’s first and only challenging open- air, 360 degrees revolving view point, located on the highest floor of the building

I present to you, Beyond Metropolis – 

Tak lah… tak gayat pun.. hehe

What I tell you about rainbow on the streets?
Im gonna tell that cowboy, this pair of legs were made to walk on this planet earth. Not riding horsie!
Looking at this picture, it makes me remember a story of a conversation between the two;

Random girl: What does the weather have to do with laundry?
Me: I have to walk to the laundromat, I don’t have a car
Random girl: That makes no sense.
Me: What?
Random girl: You can’t get to class without a car.
Me: Um, yeah I can. I do it every day
Random girl: That’s stupid, how are you supposed to get anywhere without a car?
Me: Well, I have these amazing devices that are attached to my lower body which when engaged, create movement which enables mobility.
Random girl: (stares at me confused, obviously not catchin my sarcasm) Do you buy those at, like, the Apple store?

That’s it, any hope that I previously had in mankind is now officially gone.

So, I started my 2nd day Bangkok exploration. heh. 

Shopping malls! Obviously, Siam Centre made for females 🙂

I reckoned that setting a stall around shopping mall is prohibited. So they do the garden picnic style. 
This t-shirts costs around THB 200 – 300. Come to my surprise, the material quality is good! So, I did some shopping, and I love the garden picnic style! Haha.

I was so hungry, then I remember I didn’t had any meals for that day yet! And it was already 2pm. So I walk to MBK hoping to get Japanese as my lunch. MBK just located just opposite Siam Centre. How to describe these two malls? HHmmm to me, It seems like MBK is the Kuala Lumpur’s Mid Valley shopping Mall and Siam Centre is The Garden Shopping Mall.

So I came to this Japanese restaurant, called Kobune. The shop has a weird smell though. Very weird. Like a dead rat smell 🙁

But I was too hungry and thirsty, so I sit down and continue with my orders. This strawberry smooties wasn’t bad at all. But after 10 minutes, my order still didnt arrive my table. I was getting angry as if I can eat these people alive as my sashimi of the day. I called them to check my order. Still, another 10 minutes passed by. Nothing. I went to the counter and paid the smooties. Walked out with bitter face. No wonder it smells bad. That must be few customers died of starvation – while waiting for their food order!

Walk off and crossed back to Siam Center. I need to eat!

and Suddenly I hear “gitchi gitchi yaya dada.. gitchi gitchi yaya here….” in a VERY SEXY flow, a Mary Nelson Version!!! . I drawn to the sound of it.. 
Creole Lady Marmalade….
It’s all Femme Fatale. Heavy colored furniture, velvet chaise longue, black mannequin, tall wine glass, complete with grandeur food presentation. I was expecting the waitress are all in Burlesque costume, complete with leather whip. WTF. Im having seductive lunch moment all for myself!

They have this, um, lunch set which is finish at 3pm. And I was 10 minutes late. I asked them whether I still can get the set.. they smiled to me and replied “of course, ma’am” Ah! I knew it! I am destined to have my lunch here!
The set costs me THB500++.

So! I had my experience at Skydining in Siam Centre. Will you next?

So, I continue with walked around the mall, up and down, north to south, east to west. Then I saw this!

I don’t know that Amway is a big thing in Bangkok!

I was lost inside this very big mall.. and I forget that I have more destination to go. Damn you shopping malls!

I went back to the hotel, missing a lot of other important site of Bangkok. I can’t believe that I spent the whole day inside shopping malls!

Back at the hotel lobby, they already started with live shows, music and weird costume to warm up the new year evening.
I had a hard time to figure out this show. Was is about Napoleon Bonaparte becoming centaur, Centaur dressing like a Napoleon Bonaparte, or Napoleon Bonaparte is Centaur? Help!

Sunset from my bedroom. I know this is not the greatest sunset ever captured, but this is the sunset I had when I was in Bangkok. I always love sunset, I always spent a few minutes in silent, just sat and watch the golden hues turned into dark skies with my mind totally blank. It is some kind of meditation to me. I never able to vacant my mind from thinking and wondering or remembering something, somewhat, even in the middle of Yoga session. But with sunset, my brain went idle just like that.

Im a Sunset person, maybe just because Im not a morning person. I hardly see sunrise. Haha. But I am very lucky so far – able to watch and capture many hues of sunset in my life. I called it ‘my special sunset’. Each of my special sunset I spent with special someone – My best friend, girlfriend of 15 years, BFF of 20 years , and myself alone. Some of the most memorable one…
And now, I present to you – Bangkok night skyline.. from Baiyoke Sky Suite Tower.
I dont think that I need to describe how magnificent Bangkok SuperBird view at night. I can dance to the “Empire State of Mind” with this background.
It’s a concrete jungle on fire!

whoops, I know, I was lucky because the guard of this revolving deck suddenly came to me and asked if I wanted his help to take the picture.. I guess the whole Baiyoke Sky Suite hotel noticed that
 I’m all alone by now and “oh poor that girl, no one can take picture of her with the view” 🙁 So, Thank you Mr Revolving Roof Deck guard!

They have pretty ladyboys to meet and greet the hotel guests at the lobby, just for the special night – New Year Eve.

S/he’s prettier than pretty girl 🙂

Well, I was walking around back and forth, don’t know what to do. I saw people around me gathered, ready for new year countdown and big fireworks. Family, friends, lovers are all hand in hands. As they screaming to the final countdown, I feel something warm dripping down my chin..

…and I wish I’d never felt this way again. Ever.
This is the reason why I don’t have Bangkok big fireworks pictures taken! FML.
..but then I remember.. unbeknownst to us, we already had our 1st fireworks together at the beginning of when we met, a celebration of the east meeting the west.

“It’s my dream for a year to be near you, I’m not going to crush my own dream. Maybe it will have all been worth it just to spend that one Sunday with you. I never wanted to hold a girl’s hand or kiss her lips as much as I wanted to that day with you. Maybe you think it’s too fast, but I was still too scared to try. Standing in the city of lights watching fireworks is THE most romantic moment that I will ever accidentally step into and all I could do was stare at you from behind”

… to be continued..




  1. Azlan Strider

    January 28, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    So much things to say…hehehe

    okay now 2 give two goal to be completed at thailand..first is to arrived at bangkok and 2nd stay at the Baiyoke Sky hotel…hehehe

    i think Mckenzie south island new zealand is the best of the sunset picture..never read about that before..i might go and check whether u have a story there before..hehehe

    women lost at shooping mall???hehehe..its predictable..hahaha..they usually do…hahahhaa

    the one thing i learn about this 3 part of bangkok entry that if u travel alone de decision is 100% from us and we can go wherever, whenever we want without have to think about other party…hehehe…


  2. independentqueen

    January 29, 2012 at 8:21 am

    It depends.. some people hate to be alone can can never be alone, especially traveling. But for me, everything can lah. haha

  3. Azlan Strider

    January 30, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    mesti laa..kan Malaysia Boleh!!!

  4. woofer storm

    January 30, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    memang cool terasa disni..perghhh

    #teringin nak ke oversea..heheee

  5. independentqueen

    January 31, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    Boleh je.. start dgn Singapore. Universal Studio SG apa kurangnya 🙂

  6. Awelodeng

    February 9, 2012 at 4:20 am

    Wow!!…. Cantik nya panorama malam kat Bangkok. Part yang sedih tu… Well its normal…. Sometime we need someone beside us to share the moment. But don’t take is so serious as kita kat dalam kubur pon sendirian. As on my perception, you are so lucky coz your are free to go anywhere without someone permission.

    Keep it up girl…. Can’t wait the next episode… Travel Alone in SIAM part #4… hehehe…..

  7. eivinying

    September 8, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    ur photos are impressive ! lokking forward for more <3

  8. independentqueen

    September 9, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Thanks 😀

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