Bangkok 2012 – What’s it Like to Travel Solo? Final

So, Im not alone after all!
Ignore the ‘beer’. He didn’t know that I don’t drink that and it is a common thing for a guy to say ‘go out for a beer’ rather than ‘let’s meet up for some English tea and scones with clotted cream‘. I thought he were joking about him vacationing in Bangkok during the year end, until I received that on my Facebook’s inbox. 
Im still tired even after a week I came back from Bandung Trip, a company’s trip. I’ll talk about it on some other post. I really hope that Bangkok story would not be ended up like my Taiwan, NZ and my other unfinished travel post 🙁
“Honey, don’t lean so close to me, you are too hot, and here is so hot, all hairs on my arm starting to  crinkle”. That was one of the funniest line among many, I heard from the middle aged guy sitting behind me, on this free shuttle van. (Baiyoke sky Suite do provide free shuttle van from hotel to Siam Centre/MBK/City Centre hotspot) He was so funny, he never stopped teasing his wife and happily joking around with other passengers. I can’t stop laughing to his words. How strange it is, a random stranger on the streets, or sitting behind you able to tickle your funny bone and cracked your face muscles, when it starting to stiffen. At the same moment, I was thinking, how lucky that lady was, having a funny someone that makes her laugh – everyday.
3rd day in Bangkok –  Im starting to feel like home, My room to be exact!  Waking up late, missed my breakfast, took my own sweet time to blow dry my hair, slowly getting dressed and all. That purple bread was my only breakfast, bought it the day before just because I find the color is cute. It tastes good too! Make my own cuppa, watch TV, then getting ready to meet up a friend.
What is late breakfast without fresh squeezed fruit juice. I bought this for THB20. Chilled. I saw this everywhere. So I gave it a try. It tastes different than normal orange juice that I had back in Malaysia. Their oranges are smaller, thin skin oranges. No additional sugar needed. It is too sweet on its own already. It was the freshest fruit juice I ever had on the streets so far.
Finally met my friend. He is from Wellington, New Zealand. We used “Asia Bookstore” at Siam Centre as our meeting point. Oh I feel all nerdy and decent  – use a bookstore as a meeting point. Not Starbucks, not bar or famous streets.
We met by the lunch time. And I wanted to eat Japanese since “Kobune incident”. This is about me. No matter where I am, I must eat fish, for at least once. Be it raw, grilled, deep fried or soup, I must eat fish. Friends who knew me almost confused when I told them that my favorite dish is fish, while Im eating chicken – everyday. Well, I eat chicken, everyday, but I love fish.
Finally I have a decent picture of me with food 🙂 And finally,  some friend treat me a lunch 🙂 It feels good to have free meals sometimes. Okay, this is weird thing about me – I don’t really favor  guys buying me lunch or dinner (too often) because I don’t want them to have an idea that they could invite me for lunch & dinner, again & again after the 1st one. I meet people only when I want to. I don’t go out, especially guys, according to their time, bait me with food & movie. Cut the story short – I do the invite, every time. But with special someone, um, that’s different story. Hehe.
Our initial plan was to buy a day train pass and explore Bangkok by train. Stop at every famous spot and walk a little. But since it’s kinda late, we changed plan to watch Muay Thai fight at the stadium. I always wanted to watch real Muay Thai fight since I was a little. Since I joined the class for a year, sometime ago, since Beautiful Boxer, since Ong Bak movie!
We headed to Lumpini, where the stadium at. But then we came to know that Bangkok has few stadiums and the fight is held on each stadium alternately. We had to go to other stadium located at old part of Bangkok city, somewhere before Banglumpoo, called Rajadamnern Stadium. So we decided to ride a tuktuk.
Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, event that is going to happen in our life actually it has been written accordingly to our will and wishes, dream, imagination and liking 🙂 While we were asking people around about the Muay Thai fights & the stadium in the middle of Lumpini, there it is, the only BRAND SPANKING NEW pink tuktuk waiting by. No other tuktuk. That was the only one, sitting there just like it was waiting for me 😀
Here is my happy spanking ride 🙂



and it costs us THB200 ( I think so) from Lumpini to Rajadamnern Stadium
and yes, it’s VIP 🙂
No fart in Tuktuk 🙂
I came across some cute stuff  during my happy tuktuk ride.
Got my hands on ringside ticket. I know it’s kinda expensive. But you have unlimited entrance during 5 hours fight and free to take pictures with the boxer. The ticketing boy even reserved the seat for us while we went out strolling the streets nearby before the fight start.
Again, I was so happy because I have somebody helps me with the picture. Haha!
We came back to the stadium right before the fight was about to start. I was so excited to see shirtless boys with lean meat kicking each other ass. I know that they are nothing like pretty boy Dudley O’Shaughnessy – West Ham Amateur Boxer. But It is a non fat, lean meat Im talking about 😛
Oh dear. 
When I said lean meat, it is a compact, non bulky muscular Mr Olympian Phillip Heath. No way! Big bulky guy scares me off!
So, here are some pictures and videos I took during the fight.
and this is me enjoying the sights with a low grade popcorn – it tasted like polystyrene soaked in salt. yeah. Don’t blame me! Im so used to caramel popcorn at TGV & GSC!
Me and the Boxer. Yes, I purposely put my hand on his shoulder. Hard shoulder and Um, Im all cougar. 😛
Some live K.O fight.
Bet and gamble surrounds every Muay Thai fight at the stadium. The bet and gamble is the factor of why cheering sound, sounds louder. There was a French boxer participating the fight that day, his name is Ludovic. At the same time there was a friendly french couple sitting next to us, and the topic of conversation ranged from Real Steel’s robot boxing to real bet. Yeah, he bet with my friend, David, during the match between French boxer vs Thai’s. Since  that picture shows he is holding the beer glass, so, you know the result. If he plays the bet with me, I definitely use French fries as the betting prize. lol
End of the fights. It’s time for dinner. We head to Nana district in the hope to see some entertainment of pretty ladyboys & sexy Thai girls. There were a lot of Middle Eastern restaurant around this area. So, if you want to find Halal food, come to Nana. How irony it is that, you can find something Halal at Haram spot in Bangkok.. for those who  been to Bangkok, especially Nana district.. you know what I mean. at Nana, you can find a lot of fancy stuff a long the streets, such as – Gold Viagra.
Multi-racial toys.
‘Porno’ on the streets. yeah. Macam gerai goreng pisang gitu...(Like fried banana stalls in Malaysia)
We unable to find an awesome entertainment spot in Nana. We’ve been asking around ‘ladyboys, ladyboys’ like a bunch of weirdos wanting to have threesome with it. God still wanted to protect my eye sights from watching beyond porn at Nana streets I guess. Haha.
I was getting tired. A taxi driver drove us to a place where a ‘ping pong’ shows at. But the entrance fee was too expensive. And I already spent my money on Muay Thai fights. At the end of the night, I told my friend that I wanna go back to my hotel and call it a day.
I intended not to miss the breakfast on my last day in Bangkok. Heard people told me how awesome to breakfast at any of high floors in Baiyoke Sky Hotel. So I did. But um, I was the last person who shows up. They were clearing the food counter, but, there were still some food left.
This is the most delicious breakfast I found at Baiyoke’s Crystal Grill, 82nd floor. Thai’s coconut pudding. Crunchy on the outside, soft, warm & sweet on the inside.
I was the last person eating, and alone. The hotel staffs are very friendly, and they came chatted with me. Then I realized, I was not all alone. I was having breakfast with 5-6 people surrounded me. They were funny and sweet. We even exchanged our Facebook id’s. Ha! I will re-visit them someday. Yes, I will.
My friend, Dave, came by at afternoon to send me to the airport. Before I left, I took him up to the Baiyoke’s skydeck to view Bangkok, for free. You have to pay in order to get up to the skydeck if you are not staying at the hotel.
Yes. Been here, done that. Next – Tokyo Tower. 😀
Im showing you the most cheapest and convenient public transportation in Bangkok. It cost me THB40 from Ratchapraprop (150 meters from Baiyoke Sky Hotel) to the airport. THB40! MYR4.00 from city center straight to the heart of Bangkok International Airport! Damn. LIVING & LIFE IN KL is SO OVERPRICED.
Shame on you ERL.
Leaving Bangkok with intention to return again. BECAUSE 4 days is not enough. Look at what I missed during my short visit;
Bras heaven!
Yums NOT delicacies on Bangkok Streets!
Crispy yum NOT. Euww. Siap dengan daun serai. Macam sedap la pulak. I took all these pictures from David’s album. ‘There was a lot you didnt “see” in Bangkok’. That is what he’s telling me after I reached home :((((
So, yea. I definitely will return to Bangkok, and will spend time in Pattaya. David went to Tiffany’s Show right after I left – Backstage, free entree. FML.
I hate you.
Yes! I finally able to finish my Bangkok post in 1.5 month. What an achievement. Horray for me.
Last but not least, Some statue picture taken inside Suvarnabhumi International Airport.
If you wanna know what is the story behind this statue is all about? Well, you’ve got to buy the ticket to Bangkok & read it for yourself! Booo!
Bangkok : Despite of million of neon lights which contributes to crazy climate change & global warming, a skycraper city with mutant generation, you can’t tell it is a boy or girl until you lift up their skirt,  – they proud of their culture and beliefs, and everything in between.
Next Post : You are always a celebrity in Bandung, Indonesia.




  1. Awelodeng

    February 20, 2012 at 1:16 am

    Yeay!!… finally Travel Alone in Siam is completed. What a beautiful experience in Bangkok. When i read, i can feel the feeling. Joy & Sorrow can be felt.

    Wow!! This is so excited journey.

    Anyway, congrat to you for your good write-up.

    Can’t wait-up to the Bandung Trip. ~Cheers~

  2. independentqueen

    February 20, 2012 at 5:30 am

    🙂 Thank you for following & reading my writes up.

  3. Nath

    February 20, 2012 at 8:00 am

    It’s pretty common that most of my friends get drunk @ Thai since drinking beer is safer than drinking water there >.<

  4. Azlan Strider

    February 29, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    from what i learn from reading ur entry about Thailand that there are much things to do beside thai girls at Bangkok..i will visit Thailand one day if i can..Insyallah..hehehe


  5. independentqueen

    March 6, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Yep. There so much things to see, u will have no time for girls in Bangkok… Niat tu penting.. hehe

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