Bangsatnya Lelaki Melayu yang satu ini.

Im running late to office. I must admit, tedious job wear me out completely, lately. But it’s ok, I love doing what I do, and yet I got paid while doing it. No, this is nothing about my work.

Im running late, but I texted office informing them that I’ll be late. Yes, be responsible. Always let your office know what’s going on with you within your working hours 9 – 6. They replied ‘OK’.

Im running late, and just when I reached office, I saw an orange Gen-2 with registration number “Putrajaya 7318” in the middle of the streets, flashing out signal to right. So I wait. 2 minutes passby.. I beamed it. Nothing.

3 minutes passed by, I honked it. Nothing.

I was thinking.. is anyone inside that fucking car? If NO, the driver must be drinking ass juice in his/her whole life to leave the car in the middle of the street instead of double parking somewhere. Other cars starting to queue up behind me.

Im running late, 5 minutes passed by. I got out from my car and REALLY want to check out what’s fucking on. It was drizzling. Surprise, surprise! Well, Im not really surprise. Actually I was expecting a faint guy on the driver seat with his penis out from his pant. Masturbating in the middle of the road and faint right after he finish jerking.

There is a young Malay guy waiting patiently blindly stupid as his brain was vacuumed out through his filthy asshole. I knocked his window. He rolled down with “whassup bitch?” kinda face.

I asked him “What are you waiting for?”    
He replied me “You asked him what is he waiting for?” – pointing at the black Satria in the parking lot.

I WAS SHOCKED. he waited that long and let the other cars queuing behind him for that?

“Why don’t you go further up? There are more parking lot over there!”
“My office is here”


I can’t stand looking at his fuckfaced. Samseng Face. That face is deserve to be used as whore ass wiper. Whore with herpes. So I walked to that black Satria, inside, I saw a young Chinese guy texting on his Blackberry. I knocked his window.

“Excuse me, are you coming out or not? because there is a moron waiting for this parking spot for more than 5 minutes and blocking everybody”

“oh! Im sorry.. yes.. Im coming out now.. sorry..”

I know that young Chinese guy has the RIGHT to feel that way (surprised) not because Im knocking his window.. but there is a MORON WILLING TO WASTE HIS FUCKING FREE TIME & OTHER PEOPLE PRECIOUS TIME JUST TO GET A PARKING LOT 5 STEPS AWAY FROM HIS OFFICE?

At least he said “sorry”. When he has the right to sit inside his car in parking lot as long as he wanted playing with his Blackberry or watching few movies on his Playbook until tomorrow. There is no rules saying that – once you got into your car in any parking lot, you MUST immediately drive out from it. But, it take no rules to be drafted out to tell you, “Der, if the car in that parking lot didn’t move in 1 minute, just move to the next la der..”

While I walked back to my car, I said “Fuck You” when I passed by his car. I wish he come out from his car and start talking to me and I’ll tell him where he should place his balls right. Or maybe he don’t have any at that moment because he left it at home in his momma’s freezer. He deserves that. I pity any girl who marry to him or take him as a boyfriend because he don’t carry around his balls and not to mention brainless. Even a DONKEY will move away from the street when there is a car behind it, honking.

5 Minutes later I got down from my office to buy my milk, I don’t see his car anymore. He has left the building. Apparently he waited longer than he parked. That’s a Malay guy that I know today, on Friday morning. I don’t know what type of Malay guy I might know in the next 24 hours, or 24 days. Don’t blame me if my opinion didn’t favor you. But I hope this will change soon once the right Malay gentleman appear in front of me and prove me all wrong. Bring it ON!.

Tapi mamat Melayu tadi.. memang Bangsat la bagi aku.




  1. Azlan Strider

    January 20, 2012 at 9:55 am

    what a jerk..needs a girl to handle the situation..kalau betul nak sangat that parking lot step outside laa the first minute u wait..wasting others ppls time..isk..isk..

  2. independentqueen

    January 29, 2012 at 8:22 am

    kann… tak tau la apa nak jadi dgn lelaki zaman sekarang nie.. hilang respect.

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