Batu Caves – Higher Ground.

I would never thought of climbing 272 steps for nothing if its wasn’t for Nina and Harry. For what ey? It’s kinda embarrass when a tourist like Harry raised his eyebrows after knowing that, I never been to Batu Caves even it’s just 1.5 hours drive away from my place.

The place is like.. one of a must see in KL, Malaysia and I refused to go there just because of the smell. I don’t know! People keep telling me, the place has a terrible smell and I almost had a nightmare by listening to people’s story about it. Heh.

While other normal people who work like a slave, for money – 3 of us having a leisure (or was it torturing) moment to finish these steps…

I mean.. come on.. I’ve been sitting my butt at home for a month, and sometimes inside my car, driving around to a coffee shop, movies and hang out with friends and that’s it. And suddenly it need to climb these stairs with full of monkeys! I never seen so many steps like this in my life and now I have to…climb it. Urrrghh.

I can’t lie. It was a shame that I have to make a stop at every 20-25 steps. This is not a normal steps that I had in my apartment. I stay in 4th floor and I never used lift. I used stairs. But The stairs here is kinda steep and small.

Miss Nina didn’t have any issue with it. But.. she had a different problem on her way down. She’s afraid of heights! haha. And to Harry… I don’t know, he didn’t show any face expression during the mountaineering. Except his face turns slowly into cooked lobster. Well, it’s sunny, 1pm sunny ok..

Mind you.. don’t think of carrying foods or bottled water on your way up here.. unless you really love the idea of monkeys jumping all over you.

Okay, they made it to the top with a smile. Hey! they were laughing actually. At me. I thought, there will be no more climbing after those 272 steps. I was grasping for my Ice Lemon Tea and almost choked when I saw another steps to climb inside…*sigh*

But really, after 200 steps or so, I felt like my sight getting darker and hands numb. Then I remember I hasn’t eat anything for breakkie, except fresh mango fruits and a glass of water back at home. I have to sit down til I get my sight back and guzzled down the whole can of Ice Lemon Tea. I need sugar!!!!

This monkey has been following Harry since the 1st time it saw him. Look how he interacted with a white guy..

#1 – Hello.


#2 – real classic stalker moves


#3 – Hello, it’s me again.


The remaining of the rituals..



So, after we believed that Harry satisfied with the view, the monkeys and all, it’s time to slide down.. (yea.. I wish I can just slide down). At this point of time, my legs were trembled. I don’t know why I sounded like a grandmama.. but yes, my legs trembled terribly. Sob.

I have to admit again! Double shame! I have to make few stop on my way down too! LOL!

Since it’s freaking hot at Batu Caves, we were thinking to have our lunch at somewhere cooler.. a restaurant with air condition and ice cream.. something like that. But.. ermm.. we went further up for our lunch…

Ermm.. high and cold enough or not.. I was suggesting to Nina, let’s have something different, something we can’t find in KL city.. I don’t want KFC or Kenny Rogers. Pizza Hut is a no-no.

So we went to this restaurant called Shanghai 10. I wanna try their dimsum and chinese food.

Finally.. a picture of me. Heh.

I don’t remember what it’s called. Dumpling with chicken or something. What I remember is.. the taste suck. don’t come here unless you are really hungry and can’t cancel your order after you ate them half way.

Their sweet and sour chicken.. argghh… you can smell the sour vinegar from miles away and it dizzied me!


This one is a bit okay. Spinach with prawn.

Harry ordered this, a fried yam. He thinks this taste good like what he had in his hometown. Guess what?  I had to spit it out into my napkin. I can’t swallow it!

Duck fillet with oyster sauce or something. I only ate the broccoli. Broccoli is good to fight the breast cancer disease. Im too afraid to touch that duck meat.. wonder how does it taste.. and it might give me a breast cancer disease with its horrible taste.

I wished that we settled with KFC at the 1st place.

Hhmmm Genting Highland isn’t fun anymore for my age. I still remember when I came here 5-10 years ago, it was pretty fun. But..if u ask me is Genting Highland fun? I rather go back and sleep at my mum house (plus listen to her nag).

Look at what 21st century ghost wearing now… a Nike shoes. Eeeee… so scary.

It was kinda cold. Yea, I was with my shorts and shirt. Everybody was like walking in boots (wow) and coats. I only managed to change my slippers to sneakers cuz I have 30 pairs of shoes, sandals and sneakers in my car boots. Very convenient for unplanned trip. I am thinking to install mobile wardrobe inside too.

Harry wants his beer before we left. So we found a spot called sports bar and have our last drink in Genting Highland. That is my pussy foot. I don’t know why they giving such name to a drink with a mixture of mango, pineapple, ginger and soda.


End of our touristy post. I was coffeeing with a friend yesterday at Starbucks and she asked me to join her diving at the east cost island next month. But before that I need to take a diving license for a start. Im kinda want it because her friend arrange and own the dive shop, business, whatever.

“There is no ladder?”


“I thought we can get down using the ladder slowly into the sea.. and sink?”

-Who told you that? You have to back flip / jump from the boat into a deep sea with your head 1st.

“and the oxygen tank? How heavy it is?”

-More than 15kg.. on your back.

I passed. I know I will die during the jump, before my head touches the water. Confirm. I rather snorkel with my life jacket on. Thank you.





  1. F I T

    March 11, 2010 at 7:03 am

    wahh the scenery up there is beautiful.i never go up there..just hanging around outside the area.. hehe why are u scare of diving? don’t worry lah..u can do it..just try it first 🙂

  2. Lissa

    March 11, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    I must go to Batu Caves again! Only been there once. Maybe during Thaipusam… Haha…


    March 12, 2010 at 2:25 am

    OMG! Those pictures are SO amazing. The second picture has me in awe.

  4. Independent Queen

    March 12, 2010 at 9:01 am

    @FIT: Yep.. beautiful scenery and those picture can’t tell the smell.. hehe..Im scare of diving.. panic attack maybe..
    @Lissa: Go during while there are less people..I can’t imagine if too many people climbing those steps.. and what if they accidentally push u? eerie..
    @nelliebugs: hey thanks for the compliment~!

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