Be careful with hashtag. Especially #airtanganisteri

In my imagination, I love cooking. Subconsciously, I always see myself as a cooking queen. Macam mengigau gigau gitu. I love to READ recipe. Watch cooking channel on youtube. I always said that, if I have nice kitchen, I will cook everyday. And if I have nice cooking utensils, I will cook every hour.

But, in reality, I am just another lazy ass woman who happen to ADMIRE a good food, good cook and how to prepare it – in THEORY. To prove myself wrong, I got myself almost nice kitchen/ cook station complete with big electric oven, a mixer and now some expensive glass cookware. I got myself A GLASS FRYING PAN for God sake. But here I am, still frying eggs and potatoes.

But today I got an urge to cook something that I like to eat when I am in a jolly mood –  A jelly. Like, I’m eating jelly when I’m in jolly. But a jelly can’t make me jolly. So my favorite is the one with coconut milk.

So, I browsed quickly through the internet to get the easiest food preparation mode. I was so excited, I even instagram – ed the raw material before I started. And with ultra proud feelings (that I’m finally making something out of lunch or dinner category), I use hashtag #airtanganisteri.

air tangan isteri 1

Now, For those mat salleh who read my blog, especially my husband (he still read every little bit of non sense story I wrote here until now even he already married to me) “Air Tangan Isteri” – direct translation would be like, water from your wife’s hand. It’s like, when your wife cook for you with her bare hands, the water drop from her hands to the food actually makes the food taste good and you, a husband can feel the love inside her cooking.

Seriously, I never used this kind of hashtag before when I do my lazy cooking like spaghetti, or chicken soup which I considered more complicated (complicated katanya..) than a stupid jelly. So, after I’ve done posting the picture with that HOLY hashtag, I tapped into it to see whether is there anyone using the same hashtag for the same cause.


wife cooking home cook food

malay home cook food

malay home cook food 1

AND MINE WAS ONLY –  a pack of powdered Jelly and an egg in a bowl of coconut milk.

I’M SO EMBARRASSED for looking up to myself that HIGH.


Tak salah bercita cita tinggi.. tapi, agak agak la kan? Padan la muka aku. I think all those Air Tangan Isteri hashtag users is laughing at me now, and forever.

Perfect Pieces
Perfect Pieces (Photo credit: jazzijava)
Citrus Curd in a Cup
Citrus Curd in a Cup (Photo credit: jazzijava)



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