Beautiful Saturday.

and lazy too…

2nd May,

Dear my E-Diary,

It has been so long I never feel so peaceful and settled in my every morning. Except for today. The meet up with friends and bff around , it warm my heart and filled my soul. I am happy. I wish I can have this feeling forever.

“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” ~Forrest Gump. It is my favorite quotes and well applied in my life.

Like a badass little girl, I had these instead of normal breakfast.

Having brunch at Tien Court. Which serve the best chilli sauce dip ever.

In a jovial moment, to have a quiet brunch with dar.

Sharkfin with prawn – dar fav’s

Just a prawn – my Fav’s

and we keep ordering this again and again cuz.. like I have many choice… the rest is pork ler…

and beware of the next visual, coz it can cause serious drooling effect… (in fact, I am drooling now, again.)

Fat ass chilli prawn king. The taste? : Perfect.

of course we be guai a bit by ordering some veggies, stir fried asparagus.

after burp dont know how many times, I headed to the next hotel, which is located at 10 Coleman street, Grand Park City Hall. 2 words – great location. Most of a must visit spot in Singapore like Raffles City, Suntec City and Marina Bay shopping centre are only few minutes walking distance (in your flat shoes ya..)

The trip getting is better, I started my journey with a rough time, missed my bus and have to go to the strange bus station which I never been to, bought another ticket, waited for another 3 fuckin hours and there was no meal provided in that coach.. the journey suppose to be 5 hours, but they stretched it into 7 hours. Fun or not?

Lets check out what’s inside the Mini Bar

I dizzy already by looking at these..

This can make some people happy le..

View from my room, can see Samuel – a.k.a Val office there. Wish I can throw grenade to that building so that he no need to fake his MC yet still cant make his way to meet the rest of us and stood me up on the next day wor. keke.

to be contd…



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