Beautiful Yarra Valley (end)

…. and our journey continues to a smaller boutique, family owned & operated winery – Yering Farm. At this point my brain was so full & unable to digest any of the information given. It was like bla bla bla to my ears. lol


I was so busy taking pictures outside the hayshed & surely missed a lot of infos and I don’t care.

Vicky (if Im not mistaken.. that’s her name :P) busy introducing their product

They have more fancy range in here, like fruity bubbles and rose sparkling champagne


The story continues from making a fancy wine to the making of cork. Do you know that those cork were produced from 20 years old oak tree?  That is the minimum years needed in order to achieve certain layer thickness  before harvested into a cork stopper.
What I like about the process of this bottle stoppers is that, no trees are harmed by the process. Cork is harvested from living cork oak trees like wool is gathered from sheep! =) and it continue producing cork for an average of 150 years!

Yea, I am pointing at legendary notorious Edward Ned Kelly wanted poster

Holy mother of cork opener. Just pick one that suits your style.

Feelin’ the green grass.

Sometimes Malaysia do reminds me of autumn in Yarra Valley – Every time when I woke up to a cold breezy bright skies on Sunday morning =) only minus the colorful trees.

Then we heading to the heart of Yarra Valley, home of Domaine Chandon, Australia – where Green Point sparkling and Green Point still wines are produced.

Look at how beautiful the entrance is…

This is Moet and Chandon Australia. So I wonder how beautiful the place is, back in France?

…and we were welcome by a huge ass cork!

Without wasting any more minutes, our tour guide started to tell us about the process of wine making. No! Im not going to elaborate any of the process of how wine/champagne is made. Go Google up for yourself. (the truth is – I didn’t pay attention to him at all.. hehe)

Don’t be confused, this is how Australia season’s cycle. This is not UK or US.

Wow, I don’t know that my Nikon d3000 can produce this picture. This is unprocessed y’all! *proud*

Fermentation and bulk aging process.

Malolactic fermentation was taken at this place where all wines which already passed its secondary fermentation stored into oak barrel to improve the taste of wine as well as maturing the wine.

The origin of oak barrel (trees) also were taken into consideration in storing the processed wine. French oak are preferred since it will add more subtle flavor compared to American oak.

Kindly click this picture to enlarge – if you care, so that you can continue reading on the final process of sparkling wine. I don’t care, cuz I ain’t consume any of it.

more of bubble tasting which I wish they serve normal grape juice. =(

Complimentary food platter with sickening beet root jam and parmesan cheese? OMG, yuck! I didn’t geddit.

Just for the sake of photography. Then I passed my glass to someone who sit next to me. Hope she’s happy.

Then I ran out to the outside, took more of gorgeous colorful scenery which definitely I can’t find it in Malaysia lah! Itu arak melambak kat KL daaa..



I swear this rose is as big as your mama cup’s saucer!




It was 4.30pm and we were finish with our tour.


Head back to the hustle and bustle city, and I can’t wait! (cuz Im was so hungry, time for dinner!)

This post end abruptly here. Super boring lah!

I’m so wanna go to New york City and experience the Sex and The City myself! Thee hee.




  1. Greg

    July 4, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Your photography is great! Just loved the pictures of your tour, very colorful and enjoyable.

  2. Dange

    July 5, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    hahahah kelakar la…aku pun tak pernah dengar orang briefing…hahahah


    November 17, 2010 at 2:52 am

    hey hey..long time huh no talk2 no words..ehhehe btw..AWESOME babe!nice pics!
    how are you?

  4. Independent Queen

    November 28, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    @GEREK ITU ALIA: Im good babe. Welcome back~!!! Anyway, I seldom update my blog nowdays. Too busy (lazy sebenarnya)

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