Been there done that : Teotihuacan Pyramids.

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How many of you went to Google search and typed “must visit places in ___” ? I always did. It sounded very touristy but, some places listed in a “must see list” is worth it.

So does the Teotihuacan Pyramids. Before I can afford traveling out from the country and think I was so cool going to club, eat fancy foods, buying expensive handbags and bragged about it on Facebook and twitter, I didn’t know that there are more pyramids in this world except the one in Egypt. Haaaa.. bodoh gitu sekali den. Then I stop reading majalah hiburan macam URTV and Cleo and stop watching TV, spend more time on internet looking for great photography work and story behind it, suddenly I knew more and able to have nerdy conversation with the nerds and get marry. Eh? kesitu pulak..

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 9

Ok, cut story short, I bought the tour to see the pyramids in Mexico. Just like Egypt, Mexico have few pyramids spread over its landscape, built as early as 100BC. Actually Teotihuacan is the name of the city which translated from Aztec language – “Birthplace of the gods”. Teotihuacan wasn’t built by the Aztec, but found by the Aztec.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico

Teotihuacan situated 48km outside Mexico City. So, during 1 hour drive journey, I started to see the reality of Mexico. The houses where the local lives.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 1

BUT! without beautiful, historical building and old museums, I think it is still beautiful.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 2

Endless lanterns welcome you as you entered the small town and village. Siapa ada tengok movie ‘The book of life’? Cerita tu memang 100% Mexico habis. Macam tu lah perasaannya.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 3

And as usual lah, when you buy a tour, they will make sure you stop at so called ‘official’ local shop for high quality local products like engraved stone, silver jewelry, Tequila, Sombrero (Mexican hat ayakaramba tu), handmade poncho dan macam macam lagi.  

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 5

I didn’t buy anything though. Knowing that I have luggage containing my WHOLE LIFE back at the hotel and no space left, so I just took a picture untuk kenang kenangan with Mexican stuff – Poncho, Sombrero and a bottle of Tequila altogether. Dah macam maskot Mexico gitu (I look like a Mexican Mascot). 

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 6

Posing ala ala Manolo and Maria from The Book of Life. ahahahha. Seriously guys, you MUST watch that movie!

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 7

Actually, it’s a good place to buy souvenir. Only, you can’t haggle the price. No discount la ok.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 4

and all this engraved work came with certificates as a proof of its authenticity and quality so that you can resell it, possibly at appreciate value.

agave plant

I also learn a thing or two about this plant. it’s called AGAVE. Just like a coconut tree, which every part of it is useful. This plant produce honey that is good for health and reproduction organ, the ‘leaf’ contain Aloe vera like jelly which is good for skin, the pointy sharp point that he’s holding can be used as weapon or cut hard surface and can be peeled by layers and use as paper. Before paper was invented in China, the people here use this to record/ write down history and important document since it is also water proof. The products from this plants can be purchased in that souvenir shop as well.

Unlike compulsory shop stop in China, Mexico souvenir shop don’t TRICK or FORCE you to buy anything if you do not want to. Simple as that. 

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 8
Temple of Quetzalcoatl/ Temple of Feathered Serpent


Ok, back to the Teotihuacan pyramids. The area is huge. It covers around 83 square kilometers. Unlike Pyamids in Egypt which served as a tomb, pyramids in Teotihuacan is more like a temple for worship, sacrifice, ritual site and pavilions, palaces, shops and residential were built around it. It is more like a city. But today, only 3 monument left, that is the Temple of Quetzalcoaltl, The Sun Pyramid and The Moon Pyramid which still intact, can be seen and climbed.

Here is the layout. To tell you the truth, you must bring a good bottle of mineral water, a good hat and a good shoes to make into this tour. You need at least 3 hours to be able to see all 3 pyramids.

teotihuacan layout
Teotihuacan layout

 The Temple of Quetzalcoatl / Feathered Serpent is like a ‘cemetery’. Two hundred or more, sacrificial burials were found at the pyramid, believed to be carried out as part of the dedication of the temple.The burials are grouped in various locations, the significance of which is not yet understood. While there are burials of both men and women, the males outnumber the females. The males were accompanied by the remains of weapons and accoutrements, such as necklaces of human teeth, that lead researchers to conclude that they were warriors, probably warriors in service to Teotihuacan rather than captives from opposing armies. The richness of the burial goods generally increases toward the center of the pyramid. At least three degrees of status have been identified, although there is no indication of a dead ruler or other obvious focal point. (Source: Wikipedia)

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 12
The view from Temple of Quetzalcoatl


Nampak macam rendah kan… 

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 10


visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 11


visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 14

After we done with the 1st pyramid, I already feeling exhausted – want – to – die like that. The cool weather wasn’t helping at all. The sun shine so bright and without you knowing it, your face skin already toasted and burnt – well done stage.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 15

to my Indiana Mikey Jones, it was just a beginning and he is so excited to continue to climb the second pyramid- The Sun Pyramid. Because it is the main pyramid in Teotihuacan – The biggest in Mesoamerica and the Third largest pyramid in THE WORLD.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 13

Jauh sangat perjalanan turun naik altar tu. Dengar cerita perjalanan dari Safa ke Marwah pun tak sepenat ni sebab dah berbumbung dan ber aircond kata mak cik jiran sebelah rumah mak.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 16

After walking  nearly 3 kilometers, the energy I had left was to pose for the camera and a little smile.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 18

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 17

This is like a one big hill which requires you to climb it in 20 minutes time due to our tour program lah. Because we have few place to visit after this. Like, seriously? 20 minutes to climb 246 feet high? I don’t think so.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 23

So, I find myself a shady spot to wait for my Indiana Mikey Jones to climb the pyramid with my camera.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 20

The view from the top of The Sun Pyramid.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 21

I don’t clearly understand what is the purpose of this pyramid though. It is not a tomb or worship place. It is more for astrological purpose to determine the season and the Sun movement for agricultural purpose katanya. Macam tempat tengok anak bulan gitu.  Many important astrological events can be viewed from the location of the pyramid that are important in terms of both agriculture and belief systems of the ancient society (source: wikipedia)

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 22

and can you spot me in that picture waiting for Mike? Although there are many sellers in the area, but NONE of them selling drinks. All they selling were necklace, ponco, stones and all other things that didn’t help with your thirst for water. Memang tak ada mood langsung lah nak membelek dengan tekak kering.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 28

The Moon Pyramid. Haa yang ni best. Best sebab dekat je. sebelah The Sun pyramid. hahaha.

This pyramid was built for the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan, the goddess of water, fertility and the earth. If I’m not mistaken the stairs of this pyramids is 278 steps, which is equivalent to pregnancy period which is 9 months 10 days.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 24

The visitors can only climb half of this pyramid since the top part is crumbling and under careful restoration. None of us climb anyways. Mike dah letih from the Sun pyramid climbing. So what we did (and most of the visitors did) was pose on top of that altar, with the same post I did tu lah. Tangan mendepang. 

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 26

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 25

It was so hot, I believed I burnt so much calorie for this tour. All I can think at that moment was LUNCH. It was afternoon by the way.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 27

The biggest and tallest sombrero I’ve seen so far. Ayakarambaaa!!

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 29

Just like any other touristy spot, the tour will end with souvenir stalls and shop at the exit gate.

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 30

Semangat sangat kental. Tak beli apa apa. Actually I wanted to buy the ancient Aztec plate which looks like Fengshui round plate. But Mike suggested to get it in the city since the price over here is possibly high due to the location. But please listen to my advise. (EXCEPT for key chain, fridge magnet, t-shirt and hat) BUY HERE. Because I couldn’t find the Aztec plate in the city!!! argghhhh. 

visit to teotihuacan pyramids mexico 31


to be continued.




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